Download Youtube Vanced IPA for iOS 16 (2023)

Devendra Chande

I am very much frustrated about the constant ads showing on YouTube whenever I try to watch some video. So, I started searching for a way that would help me get rid of the ads without paying for premium access and watch the videos ad-free. And I found something that actually helped me with it and I wanted to share it with you. I found an amazing app called YouTube Vanced that allows me to watch videos without any advertisements. Sadly, it is not available on iPhone so here is an alternative for it. Let me share with you how to download YouTube ++ for iOS 16 so that you can also take advantage of ads-free YouTube videos.

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a modded app for Android users that allows you to watch YouTube videos without any ads. It offers the same layout and UI as the official app but with added features like background play and the ability to access YouTube Premium perks for free. Plus, it comes with a built-in ad-blocker to ensure a seamless viewing experience.

Can you install Youtube Vanced IPA on iOS 16?

Unfortunately, if you’re an iOS user, you won’t be able to access YouTube Vanced as it’s specifically designed for Android devices. However, there is an alternative – YouTube++ IPA. This popular iOS tweak offers similar features and benefits as YouTube Vanced, and it’s available for all jailbroken iOS devices.

What is YouTube++ IPA?

If you’re an iOS user, you won’t be able to access YouTube Vanced. However, YouTube++ IPA offers similar features and benefits, such as an ad-free experience, no age restrictions, background play, and the ability to download videos in HD or convert them to audio. It’s a popular iOS tweak that’s available for all jailbroken iOS devices.

How to Install YouTube++ on Jailbroken iOS 16

To install YouTube++ on a jailbroken iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Cydia App Store on your jailbroken iPhone.
  2. Go to the Sources tab and tap on the “Edit” option in the top-right corner.
  3. Enter the iOS repository ( and save it.
  4. Open and refresh Cydia, then go to the Search tab and look for YouTube++.
  5. Tap on YouTube++ in the search results and install it.

How to Download YouTube++ on Non-Jailbroken iOS 16

To download YouTube++ on a non-jailbroken iOS device, you’ll need to follow these steps. Alternatively, you can even try this method for installing YouTube Vanced. If the IPA file is available on the internet then you can install it. instead of YouTube ++ simply type YouTube Vanced.

  1. Install the YouTube++ IPA file with the help of your computer.
  2. Install AltStore on both your computer and iPhone.
  3. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone and click on the YouTube++ IPA button.
  4. Open AltStore on your iPhone and click on the My Apps tab.
  5. Tap on the + icon in the corner and choose the YouTube++ IPA file from the list.
  6. Tap on the install button to start the installation.
  7. AltStore will install YouTube++ on your iPhone, and you can exit the app to start using it.

In conclusion, if you’re an iOS user looking for an ad-free YouTube experience or access to premium features without paying for a premium subscription, then YouTube++ IPA is a great alternative. It offers similar benefits to YouTube Vanced and is available for all jailbroken iOS devices. With the steps outlined above, you can install and start using YouTube++ today.

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