How to Download Nu Carnival On iOS Free? [Guide 2023]

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UPDATED : 3rd January 2023

Do you love playing anime character based game on your iPhone? If so, you have landed to the right place as here we have prepared the guide to get Nu Carnival iOS version of the game on iPhone or iPad.

Nu Carnival opens up the new world of fantasy and desire. The game is following hundred years old story of Continent were causing total mayhem. To end the anarchy, the Grand Sorcerer – a man known only as Huey – made the five altars across the land. Each altar implanted with a huge precious stone which would allow him to control and seal away these imbalanced elements. This is the beginning, there is so much you will love in Nu Carnival.

Once you dive into the Nu Carnival world, there is no coming back as the story and each character will live with you. While Android user can simply download Nu Carnival APK and enjoy the game, iPhone and iPad geeks are looking for the way to get Nu Carnival iOS version of the game.

Since the questions arises “How do I download Nu Carnival on iOS?”, we looked into it and found the way to sideload Nu Carnival on iPhone or iPad.

How To Download & Play Nu Carnival On iOS Devices

With the help of Nu Carnival iOS page, iPhone or iPad user can go the Safari app, login with Email, and switch between Android and iOS devices to play Nu Carnival on iPhone and iPad. Here’s the preview of Nu Carnival iOS gameplay on Safari browser.

There is also PC version of the game available to play Nu Carnival on PC if you don’t want to play on Android or iPhone. Since the game is no available on the App Store, you can play Nu Carnival via Safari app right now. We can expect the iOS version of the game on App Store soon since the developers are still working on it. Until that, you can enjoy the Nu Carnival through Safari app on your iPhone or iPad.

NU Carnival iOS (FAQs)

How do you play NU carnival on iOS?

Once you follow the above guide and steps, you will be able to play the currently trending NU Carnival on your iOS device.

Who made the NU carnival?

This anime-style game was developed by the Taiwanese game developer Infinity Alpha in collaboration with SGArts. It has RPG Elements based on RNG-controlled turn-based game mechanics to offer the best gameplay these days.

Is NU carnival BL?

An adult BL game that revolves around turn-based RPG combat, gacha, and visual novel mechanics. Enter into a world of fantasy and desire, full of gorgeous guys to romance!

Can I play NU carnival on PC?

There is no official way to play the NU carnival game on PC. However, you can use the LDPlayer emulator to get the NU carnival iOS game on PC.


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