How to Download and Install TrollStore on iOS 17


We all thought that with iOS 17 Apple will abide by the EU regulations TrollStore provides an easy way to sideload apps on jailbroken iOS devices without needing a computer. Here’s how to download and install TrollStore on iOS 17 while jailbroken with the Palera1n jailbreak.


To use TrollStore on iOS 17, you’ll need:

  • An iPhone or iPad running iOS 17 – iOS 17.0 to 17.1.2
  • The device must be jailbroken with Palera1n jailbreak
  • Works on both tethered and semi-tethered jailbreak

As long as your device meets the above requirements, you can install TrollStore regardless of the iOS version.

TrollStoreiOS 17: Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Follow these steps to get TrollStore on your jailbroken iOS 17 device:

1. Open Sileo

Sileo is the default package manager that comes with Palera1n. Launch it from your home screen.

2. Search for “TrollHelper”

There is no need to add any extra sources. The default Sileo sources contain TrollHelper.

3. Tap “Get” on TrollHelper

This will begin installing the TrollStore dependencies.

4. Tap “Confirm” then “Done”

Let the installation complete. Once done, you’ll see the TrollHelper on your home screen.

5. Open TrollHelper

This app will help install TrollStore on your device.

6. Tap “Install TrollStore”

The device will now be respring to finish installing TrollStore.

7. TrollStore Installed

After respringing, you’ll find the TrollStore app on your home screen.

This is it.TrollStore is now ready to use for sideloading IPA apps.

How to Use TrollStore

TrollStore works just like the App Store for sideloading apps. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Browse or search for apps you want to install
  2. Tap “Install” to download and install the IPA
  3. Apps get signed automatically for 7 days before needing to be resigned

TrollStore provides an easy way to install unsigned, cracked, or modded apps not available on the App Store.

Important Notes

Keep these important notes in mind about TrollStore:

  • It only works while jailbroken – the app won’t open in non-jailbroken mode
  • Apps get revoked after 7 days and need to be resigned
  • Re-jailbreaking your device lets you use TrollStore again
  • Supports iOS 17 versions – 17.0 to 17.1.2
  • Use at your own risk! – TrollStore is not endorsed by Apple

That is how you can easily install TrollStore on iOS 17 while jailbroken for installing apps outside the App Store.

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