Does the Apple Vision Pro Have Games?


The Apple Vision Pro, released on February 2nd, 2024, is Apple’s first entry into the virtual and augmented reality headset market. While it offers impressive hardware like two ultra-high-resolution displays and spatial audio, questions remain about the Vision Pro’s gaming capabilities.

There are selected games on Vision Pro and seeing people playing games Vision Pro like Lego and Chess on review videos, many users have been wondering whether Apple Vision Pro has games.

So, let’s discuss what games Vision Pro has and how is the gameplay.

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Games Available on the Vision Pro

There are some games available on the Vision Pro, but the selection is quite limited compared to dedicated gaming VR headsets.

Apple stated that over 250 titles on Apple Arcade will be available for the Vision Pro. These include both standard Arcade games optimized for the headset as well as new “spatial” games designed for the Vision Pro specifically, like Game RoomWHAT THE GOLF?Cut the Rope 3, and Jetpack Joyride 2.

Additionally, third-party developers have created over 600 apps and games for the Vision Pro so far. Some examples include BlackboxContourDemeoIllustratedJust HoopsMindwayPatterned, and Tiny Fins.

However, most of these appear to be more casual, slower-paced games rather than graphically intensive titles. The Vision Pro is not marketed as a gaming device.

Gaming Capabilities of Apple Vision Pro

The Vision Pro has strong hardware that can enable immersive gaming, including high resolution displays with more pixels than a 4K TV and spatial audio support. It also allows users to connect popular gaming controllers like the DualSense and Xbox controller.

However, the lack of included hand controllers limits what kind of intense VR games can be played. Most software needs to be specifically developed for the Vision Pro, and Apple may block streaming apps that allow accessing SteamVR games.

So, while users have gotten SteamVR games working through workarounds, it does not seem to be an officially supported use case.

Is the Vision Pro Good for Gaming?

The Vision Pro enables casual spatial games and media viewing, but is not designed as a primary gaming device. It lacks the controller support, game library, and focus that dedicated gaming headsets have.

For most gamers, a headset like the Meta Quest 3 provides a better overall gaming experience at a fraction of the $3,500 Vision Pro cost.

Some games are available on the Apple Vision Pro, but it has significant limitations for gaming use compared to headsets designed specifically for VR gaming. The game selection is quite small and mostly casual titles rather than intense VR games requiring hand controllers. While possible through workarounds, gaming is not the Vision Pro’s primary focus.

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