Does Geometry Dash Work on iOS 17?


Geometry Dash is one of the most popular and addictive rhythm-based action platform games on the App Store. With its intense music, challenging levels, and iconic cube character, it has amassed a huge dedicated fanbase over the years.

Sadly, Geometry Dash not working on iOS 17 since the release of this new iOS update. Many users reported that Geometry Dash is not opening or crashing on iOS 17 update. However, here we have covered everything about it.

Developed by Sweden-based developer RobTop Games, Geometry Dash first released in 2013 and rapidly grew in popularity for its unique gameplay that requires timed jumps and dodging geometric obstacles. The game features online level sharing and creation tools as well allowing for a thriving community of players to build and play user-generated content.

Geometry Dash has been consistently updated over the years by RobTop Games. The current latest version is 2.11 which brought new levels, icons and music. The highly anticipated 2.2 update is planned for the future.

However, the arrival of iOS 17 has caused major issues running Geometry Dash, leading to game crashes or the app not opening at all. Let’s analyze the reasons behind this incompatibility.

Why Geometry Dash Doesn’t Work on iOS 17

The core reason Geometry Dash cannot run on iOS 17 comes down to it being a 32-bit application while Apple has phased out 32-bit app support completely starting iOS 17.

iOS 17 and later only allows 64-bit applications to ensure improved security and performance. Geometry Dash still being stuck at 32-bit means it simply cannot run properly on newer 64-bit only iOS versions.

This is not the first time Geometry Dash has faced such incompatibility issues. When Apple dropped 32-bit support in iOS 11, Geometry Dash had to be updated to fix crashes. iOS 17 demands the same treatment for the game.

Will Geometry Dash Ever Work on iOS 17?

The good news is RobTop Games is awareness of the iOS 17 issues and has stated the upcoming Geometry Dash 2.2 update will contain a fix.

While an exact release date is still not known, the developer has hinted 2.2 is not too far. It is expected to upgrade Geometry Dash to 64-bit, making it compatible even with the latest iOS versions.

So while Geometry Dash is currently incompatible with iOS 17 causing it to crash or not load, fans of the game won’t have to wait too long until they can enjoy the game again on the latest iPhones once 2.2 arrives.

Wrapping Up

Geometry Dash currently does not work on iOS 17 due to Apple phasing out 32-bit apps combined with Geometry Dash still being stuck at 32-bit. However, RobTop Games is working on an upcoming 2.2 update that will transition the game to 64-bit, finally making it compatible with the latest iOS versions. Until then, players have some workarounds to still enjoy Geometry Dash on older devices or on Android. The future 2.2 update signals an exciting milestone that will let fans continue enjoying Geometry Dash for years to come on iOS!

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