Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

By Betty

In this tech-giant world, everything is available at your fingertips through smartphones. In the last few years, many online payment apps developed, and even Apple worked hard to release its payment system called Apple Pay. But for users, it is still a question of whether Chipotle takes Apple Pay. 

Many users who often visit Chipotle also want to know whether Chipotle accepts Apple Pay. Hence, we came to share everything about Chipotle taking Apple Pay in full detail. 

Chipotle is the biggest Mexican-inspired fast-casual food chain in the USA with more than 2500 outlets in four different regions; it would be a big deal to make sure Chipotle accepts Apple Pay.

Chipotle is known as the first national restaurant to use only raised meat. The best part is that they don’t even need to freeze the meat. So everything at Chipotle is fresh and natural. 

Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Chipotle does take Apple Pay payment with the help of the All-New Order Head app, which was released in 2019. Chipotle started raising in 1993, founded by Steve Ells, and Chipotle Mexican Grill was the real charm of Chipotle. But later, it was also known as a part of McDonald’s. However, when you visit to check Apple Pay-supported stores, you won’t see Chipotle in the lost.  

Is it safe to use Apple Pay at Chipotle?

Apple Pay is considered the safest payment method that works on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Once you have connected your Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and other credit/debit cards to Apple Pay, you don’t need to use these cars since you can use Apple Pay too quickly and safety pay at Chipotle and anywhere else. The best thing about Apple Pay is that it makes payment contactless, so you don’t need to make any physical tough to anything.

Compared to other payment methods, Apple Pay is a safe and secured payment method that doesn’t share any personal data or information and makes payment easily and quickly.

How To Pay via Apple Pay at Chipotle?

  1. First of all, unlock your iPhone.
  2. Open Apple Pay using Face ID, passcode, or Touch ID.
  3. Ask cashier for NFC tag reader.
  4. Hold your iPhone over the reader.
  5. Once you hear the ping and see the green check or done, it is done.

Also, you can make payments via Apple Pay from the Chipotle app. To pay through Apple Pay at Chipotle app, you need to pick food, add it to your cart, go to the shopping cart, tap on Continue to Payment, select pick up or deliver, enter information, and select Buy with Apple Pay. Now make payment and get the food.


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