Does Airtag Work With Android?

Unlocking AirTag Secrets for Android Users: Limited Compatibility Unveiled! What Works and What Doesn't? Find Out Now!


Apple’s AirTags have become hugely popular for tracking items using iPhone and other Apple devices. But what about Android users – can AirTags be used with Android phones? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using AirTags as an Android user.

Does Airtag Work With Android?

AirTags have limited compatibility with Android devices. While you can’t directly pair and track AirTags using an Android phone, there are a couple basic functions available. You can scan for nearby lost AirTags with Apple’s Tracker Detect app, and view an AirTag’s owner information by scanning the NFC tag.

This article explores those limited Android capabilities in more depth, and compares AirTags to alternative tracking tags that fully support both Android and iOS. It provides a comprehensive look at how AirTags work, along with their strengths and limitations when used with non-Apple devices. The article also covers security concerns around unknown AirTags and how Android users can detect unpaired tags that may be travelling with them.

What are AirTags and How Do They Work?

AirTags are small, round Bluetooth trackers created by Apple. AirTags connect to Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks using Bluetooth LE (Low Energy). When an AirTag is nearby, its location is updated in Apple’s Find My app.

Even if your own Apple device isn’t close, the large Find My network made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices can detect your AirTag and update its last known location privately and securely.

AirTag owners can view the item’s location on a map in Find My at any time. They can also make an AirTag play a sound to help locate it when it’s within Bluetooth range.

How To Use AirTags with Android Devices

Since AirTags rely on Apple’s ecosystem, there is limited compatibility with Android devices. Here’s what you can do:

Scan for Nearby AirTags

Apple has released an Android app called Tracker Detect that allows you to scan for separated AirTags and other Find My enabled trackers nearby. It listens for the sound AirTags make when they’ve been away from their owner for a while.

You can use Tracker Detect to get info like the AirTag’s serial number to potentially contact the owner. But the app has to be actively scanning to find AirTags, it doesn’t run continuously in the background.

View Lost AirTag Info with NFC

If you find a lost AirTag, you can tap it against an NFC-enabled Android phone to pull up the owner’s message and contact info. This is identical to how an iPhone scans an AirTag’s NFC tag.

However, it will only display info if the owner configured a message and contact details. And there’s no other identifying details or tracking available.

Limited Tracking Ability

With access to the AirTag owner’s Apple ID, you could theoretically view the AirTag’s location history in Find My and track it remotely. But you won’t get features like notifications when left behind or Precision Finding directions.

Android devices cannot directly pair with AirTags via Bluetooth. The key tracking features require Apple’s ecosystem.

Some concerns have emerged about AirTags being used to secretly track people without consent. Android users worried about this can manually scan their surroundings with Tracker Detect to detect any unknown AirTags.

AirTags will also start emitting audible alerts eventually if they are separated from their owner and traveling with you.

Alternatives for Android Users

Since AirTags don’t fully work with Android, you may want to consider alternative tracking tags like:

  • Tile Pro – Tile’s trackers work on both Android and iOS via the Tile app. You can make Tiles ring and see locations.
  • Samsung SmartTag – Designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy devices. Can be tracked via SmartThings Find in the SmartThings app.
  • Chipolo ONE Spot – Supports both Android and iOS devices. Provides tracking through the Chipolo app.
  • Fi Series Trackers – Cross-platform trackers with crowd-sourced finding via the Fi Network when in Bluetooth range.

These alternatives integrate more seamlessly with Android than AirTags. But AirTags remain the best option for tracking items across Apple devices.


While AirTags don’t fully work with Android phones, you can scan for lost AirTags with Tracker Detect and view limited info. But for robust tracking from an Android device, dedicated cross-platform trackers are a better choice. AirTags are designed specifically for Apple’s ecosystem and work best for iPhone owners within the Find My network.

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