Distance Widget iOS 16: How To Use It 


Apple’s latest iOS 16 update opened the doors for iPhone users to create and personalize and custom lock screen design. Within a week of iOS 16, some geeks have designed the new lock screen with the distance apart widget on iOS 16. Even a TikTok video started trending with the distance widget iOS 16 on the lock screen of the iPhone.

As an iPhone user, I also did like this new widget where the user can see how far the other person is without using location service or a third-party app. When I saw this cool feature, I also tried to set the iOS 16 distance widget on the lock screen to see how far my girlfriend was. It looks pretty cool and aesthetic on the lock screen of the iPhone. Also, parents can use this feature to keep tracking their child’s location. Since this feature is new and trending, we have given you the guide to setting up Distance Widget on the iOS 16 lock screen.

What is Distance Widget On IOS 16? 

The distance widget is designed to show the live distance between you and your girlfriend, child, Friend or any family member. But both users should have an iPhone running the iOS 16 update.

How To Add Distance Widget To IOS 16 Lock Screen

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Search for Widgetable and install the app.
  3. Launch the App.
  4. Please scroll down to the Distance widget and tap on it.
  5. Then, tap on the Friends tab.
  6. Next, send the Widgetable code to your Friend and ask them to follow the same.
  7. Go back to Distance Widget and pick or select Friend from the list.
  8. Go to the Lock Screen customization, and tap on Add to the widget.
  9. Tap on Widgetable and swipe to get Circular Widget or Rectangular Widget to select one.
  10. Now tap on the Empty widget, select the Friend, and drag it to the lock screen.

After following the above ten steps, you can add the Distance Apart widget on iOS 16 lock screen and start showing the distance between you and another person. 


You just need to use the Widgetable app, set up Distance Widget, and add it on the lock screen of iOS 16 to add Distance Widget iPhone. I do enjoy this feature to check my girlfriend’s distance from me. What are your thoughts about this feature? Feel free to share with us in the comment box. 

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