50 Aesthetic Depth Effect Wallpapers for iOS 16


Every day I see dozen aesthetic lock screen designs on iPhones with the help of the iOS 16 update. Since the new update allows users to fully personalize the lock screen with wallpapers, widgets, and depth effect images, people worldwide are showing their charming lock screen work on social media platforms. As the crazy of depth effect design is so high, we have collected some new and aesthetic depth effect wallpapers for iOS 16.

If you have tried many images to add depth effect on the lock screen of iPhone and if it did not work, you would be glad to know these are all depth effect supported wallpapers for iOS 16 lock screen. You can check all the aesthetic depth effect images one by one and download the best of them to add depth effect wallpaper on the iOS 16 lock screen. Without further ado, let’s start the hunt.

50 Aesthetic Depth Effect Wallpapers for iOS 16 Lock Screen

1. Man on The Ledge

2. Mountain

3. Siting be alone

4. Yosemite Half Dome

5. Spider-Man No Way Home

6. Spiderman In Red

7. Buildings

8. Nature Lake & Mountain

9. Man in Space

10. Bonfire

11. Batman

12. Cat

13. Moterbike Jump

14. Disney Land Paris

15. Best Architecture 

16. 3D Balls

17. Spiderman cool

18. The office

19. Superman


20. Taylor Swift

21. Moon Knight

22. Berlin TV Tower

23. Bridge

24. John Wick

25. Cute Dog

26. Game Of Thrones Dany

27. Empire State Building

28. Batman Balck

29. Final fantasy Girl

30. Final fantasy Boy

31. Plane Flying

32. John Snow

33. Bali

34. Manarola, Italy

35. Eiffel Tower

36. Assassins’s creed

37. Captain America

38. LED Mask

39. Boat

40. Mandalorian

41. Moon Guy

42. The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

43. Toy Story

44. Beach

45. Lighthouse

46. City light

47. Balloon Man

48. Japan

49. Thor

50. Thanos

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