Coinbase Pro App Not Working on iPhone: How Fix It

By Gustavo

Generally, the Coinbase Pro app is an online trading platform for individual traders and crypto enthusiasts. It provides a secure and easy way to buy, sell and trade digital signals online across different trading pairs. By using the coinbase pro app, you can track the status of the trading market, view trading history, manage your trading account, monitor open orders, analyse trading signals and more. It provides a fully-featured trading application programming interface for advanced traders. Because of this, it will support both mobile phones and laptops, and it is a product serviced by coinbase, inc.

Unfortunately, Coinbase pro app is not working on iPhone for many iOS 14 and iOS 15 users around the world. Hence, here we have come to explain about this annoying Coinbase pro nor working  issue on iOS.

Why is the Coinbase pro app not working today?

There are so many coinbase pro app users facing this problem. Many users face different issues with it, like the coinbase app oops, something went wrong, but we are not sure what, troubleshooting, password not working, and connection lost. And users are very sad, and they want to know how to fix the coinbase pro app not working. For this, we have some solutions that will be very helpful for users. Let’s see the solutions.

  • Due to being in maintenance mode, the does not work
  • Another major reason is server may be unreachable
  • At a time, more users engagement suddenly
  • The server may be down
  • Device problems
  • The application may not be updated for a long time
  • May be poor internet connection
  • The IP server may not be eligible to access

How to fix Coinbase Pro app not working

Now, you get some ideas for the not working status of this application. We shared some solutions to fix these problems, and you can try them by yourself.

  1. The first step is to create a cache file in your settings>>Tap on apps>>notifications>>tap on all apps>>tap on coinbase>>tap on storage and cache>> tap on clear storage and clear cache.
  2. For the latest version, you should uninstall the app and reinstall it again.
  3. Go to Google play store or apple store and check whether there is an update. If yes, update immediately for the new version.
  4. You may have a poor internet connection. So, check the internet connection and restart it.
  5. Change your network IP address if you use any VPN to connect different servers.
  6. Check the compatibility of your device android and ios
  7. To complete your system responses, you should restart and reboot your devices.
  8. Set device time settings at your location and date too.
  9. You can wait for some time. Because the app is in the maintenance process, the company will notify after the problem is solved.

Purpose of using Coinbase pro app

The coinbase pro app is used for trading platforms. It is a very safe and secure application that allows traders to sell and buy cryptocurrency. It provides a safe and fastest way to buy crypto currencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin and more. It also offers tools that will be more helpful to gain knowledge about portfolios and build it. By using this, you can get alerts for the current status to buy and to sell bitcoin. This app offers realtime charting tools.


Is the Coinbase pro app not working?

According to its status, the coinbase pro app is currently up, and you can check the most recent events in the recent outages and issues on their official website.

The Coinbase pro app says the service is up, but I’m having issues. What is wrong?

So many people have this question, here we have the major reasons for this question. Let’s see it. An outage of this software has not been communicated yet. On the service side, some local issues with a small group of accounts on-page. You may have some technical issues or problems with your software and misconfiguration on your side.

Is the Coinbase pro app trustworthy and profitable?

Indeed, you can accept that it is fabulous programming contrasted with others since it has such countless remarkable provisions. Its calculation and writing computer programs are the primary motivation to demonstrate it is solid and veritable. That 80% trade accomplishment happens with no inadequacy because the computation is hearty. Customer help is additionally the focal worry to picking this app. A couple of trading instruments are significant and guide you to get more money. When you make transactions through this software, its program helps to do it quickly and encrypt it. The major advantage of this app is easy to use and very comfortable for mobile phone users.

Is coinbase pro cheaper?

There is a difference between coinbase and coinbase pro, that is, price. When compared to coinbase, coinbase pro is significantly cheaper. If you like to move from a buy and hold investment strategy to higher trading, it is worthwhile to transfer from coinbase to coinbase pro. If you want more information about your crypto assets, it is also worthwhile to transfer.


The above information will be more helpful for any users and traders interested in and used it already. Because of these benefits, so many people want to use it continuously without any issues. We hope you get clarifications for all your questions. You can try the tips mentioned above to fix the problems. You can share this article with your friends who are users of it. Trade with it and get money by it. The principal of this application is to make users merry and get riches and make such countless new clients. It is authentic, so you will not at any point face criminal tasks like hardship, anguish, confusion, cash ID, and unapproved site exercises. While using this application, it will give endless benefits and real yield for your input. You can get motivation when seeing various achievers on this stage. This business isn’t only vigorous in the present. Notwithstanding, it will be practical in your future besides. You can acquire permission to use distinctive computerized monetary standards to be more useful while keeping your money.  

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