How To Clean Energy Charging iOS 16?

By Gustavo

We are all currently living in the middle of a global climate crisis. So, it isn’t surprising that many brands are coming together to promote sustainability, and the concept of “Clean Energy Charging” is based on that.

This new feature was released with iOS 16 to reduce the carbon footprint of your iOS device. Given how new the concept is, it isn’t surprising that people are often confused about it and how to use it.

This article will walk you through all the information you need about Clean Energy charging on iOS 16 and how to use it.

What is Clean Energy Charging?

Apple introduced their new Clean Energy Charging feature with iOS 16, which works in the background alongside Optimized Battery Charging.

Both these features understand and track your charging habits to optimize the charging and ensure that you can make the most out of your charging while not hurting the environment.

With the functions in place with Clean Energy charging, your iOS device will automatically restrict charging to reduce carbon emissions.

How does Clean Energy Charging work on iOS 16?

As we mentioned, the Clean Energy Charging feature has been introduced for iOS 16 devices.

So, if you are sitting there wondering how to use it, let us walk you through the basic steps. With Clean Energy charging, the main objective is to track and analyze your daily charging habits.

The Clean Energy Charging feature won’t engage if you have varying charging habits. So, you need to have a routine set for your charging and ensure that you are charging it in the same outlets for the best outcome.

What are the Settings needed for Enabling Clean Charging?

If you want to enable and use Clean Energy Charging, there are certain features you need to enable on your device. All of these are location-based settings.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Open your iPhone settings and go to Privacy and Security
  2. Under that, click on Location Services and enable the feature.
  3. Scroll down until you come across System Services and enable System Synchronization
  4. Lastly, tap on Significant locations and enable that too.

Once you enable these three location-based settings, you can use the Clean Energy Charging feature.

Who is Clean Energy Charging for?

If you have downloaded and installed the latest iOS 16 update, Clean Energy Charging is a feature for you.

The biggest downside to this feature is its limitation. The feature is currently only available in the United States. So, if you live there and your phone supports the Clean Energy Charging feature, we recommend enabling it and using it to reduce carbon emissions significantly.


And, that’s all you need to know about iOS 16’s new Clean Energy Charging feature. Don’t confuse it with Optimal Charging because they have entirely different features and functionalities. However, both work in tandem to improve the usability and battery life of your iOS device.

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