Can iOS 15 be jailbroken?

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Get your device locked mistakenly and wondering how to unlock it without stepping out of your comfort zone? Try to jailbreak the iOS and see if it helps.

Jailbreaking iOS 15 might be simpler than you think. All you need is the correct guidance and appropriate software to accomplish the job. There are plenty of third-party apps through which you can unlock this iOS version without putting in much effort.

However, since jailbreaking is like intruding on your device illegally or in an inappropriate manner, it is advised to download reliable apps to avoid losing your data and confidential information.

Here’s the comprehensive guide that will take you through different ways in which you can jailbreak iOS 15 easily.

A Brief to 5 New Features that iOS 15 might have added due to jailbroken

Here’re the five latest features that iOS 15 might have introduced owing to jailbreak.

  • Concentrate

You’re probably familiar with this notion if you’ve been jailbreaking for a long. Concentration is a new feature in iOS & iPadOS 15 that allows customers to focus on a task by removing distractions. It is part of the Absolute Attention update, released in 2019 that accomplishes the same goal by increasing productivity and eliminating distractions.

  • Text message responses get prioritized.

As you may have seen, Apple’s latest message system in iOS and iPadOS 15 aims to prioritize communications sent to you by genuine users from various messaging apps. It accomplishes this by condensing inconsequential alerts into a single short.

Contacy is a new jailbroken exploit that looks similar but works differently. It prioritizes your text notices at the front, comparable to iOS & iPadOS 15, so you can respond fast while keeping fewer notifications for you to peek at later.

  • Separation Notices

Another intriguing new feature of iOS & iPadOS 15 is that it may now alert you if you forget something, like one of your AirTags. Recent jailbreakers may recall Proximity that offers comparable functionality on pwned devices for things like your AirPods.

  • The ancient date picker with a wheel

Although Apple seems to be returning this feature in iOS and iPad 15, it’s worth noting that a jailbreak exploits called DatePicker – Wheels for iOS and iPadOS 14 did the same thing earlier. In iOS & iPadOS 15, Apple looks to be reverting this, but it’s worth noting that a jailbreak tweak called DatePicker – Wheels for iOS & iPadOS 14 already performed this.

  • App’s Privacy Report

Apple is constantly improving iOS and iPadOS 15, including a per-app report that shows consumers what kinds of data every application sees and for how long. NetFence, a jailbreak tweak, was just introduced to serve the purpose.

While it acts as an outer barrier, it could also watch information exiting your computer in the backdrop, providing comparable user-friendly cautions about what apps are doing when you aren’t watching. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

How to Jailbreak iOS 15 by installing Cydia?

Here’s the step-by-step procedure for jailbreak iOS 15 by using Cydia.

  • First of all, connect to a Wi-Fi network using your iPhone iPad and iPadOS iOS 15.0.1.
  • Navigate to Settings > General and find the Background App Refresh option. Enable the option and move further.
  • Go to the Settings > App Store and activate the Automatic Download option.
  • Now, visit the Settings tab and open Battery to disable low power mode
  • In your Safari browser, look for Cydia. Click on Install “cydia.ipa.gz” to get it on your phone.
  • To finish installing Cydia on your iOS 15.0.1, you must first install two free software and launch them.
  • Now that you have the Cydia app, you can now effectively jailbreak iOS 15.0.1 – iOS 15 without any computer or laptop.

Steps to Jailbreak iOS 15 using Checkra1n

Here’s how you can unlock iOS 15 using checkra1n.

  • Download the most recent checkra1n utility version and Install the file. Save it to the /Linux application folder on your Mac.
  • After that, Select “Permit unverified iOS//tvOS/ iPadOS versions” from the checkra1n tool’s options.
  • To begin the iOS 15 jailbreak process, connect your iPhone/ iPad via USB cord and select “Start.”
  • On your iPhone Device Firmware Update, choose Next and carefully follow the checkra1n’s instructions (DFU)
  • When the iOS 15 jailbreaking process gets finished, your smartphone will reboot automatically.
  • On your iPhone home screen, you should notice the checkra1n and Cydia apps after completed.

How to use UncOver to Jailbreak iOS 15?

Follow the steps mentioned below to jailbreak iOS 15 using UncOver. Don’t miss out on the single step to avoid any last-minute hassle.

  • Go to General Settings on your device and turn on Background App Refresh.
  • Open the battery section, turn it off, then go to the app store’s settings.
  • Enable the function that allows you to download files automatically and go to and download UncOver.
  • Visit Settings Applications and click on Profile Downloaded once the file gets downloaded.
  • After that, select install profile and input your iPhone passcode and click the Jailbreak button in UncOver to get the job done.


Jailbreaking is not difficult; all you need are the necessary tools and a bit of knowledge. Bookmark the page right away and follow the steps mentioned above to jailbreak your iOS 15 from the comfort of your own home. Keep in mind that jailbreaking is dangerous and thus you should make a backup copy of your data before commencing the process.

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