Can I Unlock an iPhone Without Passcode?


If you are new to using an iPhone, being confused about the functions is quite normal. If there’s one thing that Apple is extremely strict about, it’s their iPhone’s security features. So, it isn’t surprising that their unlock options are quite limited if you don’t have a passcode or don’t have the face of touch ID registered on the phone.

With the passcode lock, Apple provides an extra layer of security to the users. So, can you unlock an iPhone without a passcode? Surprisingly, yes. There are ways to bypass this restriction and turn on the iPhone.

We will discuss the top 4 methods in this article for you to look into.

4 Methods to unlock iPhone without passcode

  1. Use a Third-Party iPhone Unlocker

If you don’t want the hassle and want to lock the iPhone within a matter of seconds without any confusion, we’d recommend that you look into a third-party application. There are quite a few available, including PassFab iPhone Unlocker. It is one of the most popular options that you will come across in the market.

  • So, your first step is to go to your App Store and then download the app and install it on the iPhone.
  • Once done, launch the app that you just installed
  • You then have to connect the iPhone to your desktop or laptop
  • From there, you have to download the Firmware package

Following that, you will be able to unlock the iPhone directly by clicking on the “Start Remove” option on the app. This removes the passcode from the iPhone and enables you to log into the phone without a passcode.

2. Using iTunes of Mac OS Finder

If you use the Mac OS devices, you likely know about the Finder app. If you didn’t, well, this is where you know about it. It is an extremely popular app that will bypass the passcode issue and let you log into the iPhone without any hassle.

However, if you use this app, be aware that it will format the data on your iPhone. So, we’d recommend that you take all the backup somewhere else. Following that, you need to follow the steps mentioned:

  • Start by connecting the iPhone to the computer and then open iTunes or the MacOS Finder app
  • If you have connected your iPhone to this application before, chances are that you will be able to restore the data by clicking on Restore iPhone.

This is one of the easiest ways to open or unlock the iPhone without any hassle.

3. Using iCloud on a browser

If you aren’t that fond of using third-party applications or any other complicated features, we’d recommend using this method. All you need is to have an idea of your Apple ID credentials and the Find My app.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open your browser and then log into using your Apple ID and password
  • Under the menus, look for Find My
  • You might have to re-enter the details for verification. Otherwise, it will show you a map of all the devices your Apple ID is logged into.
  • From there, you need to select your iPhone and click on Erase iPhone.

Doing that will reset your iPhone and you will have to reset everything on your iPhone like you would with a new device.

4. Using Find My App

Last on the list is again using the Find My app. The concept is the same as the previous one. Instead of opening it via your desktop or laptop, you can open it from another iPhone or iPad.

All you have to do is download and install the Find My app. From there, you have to log into the app using your Apple ID and password.

Once you are logged in, you need to find the iPhone that you are trying to unlock. Click on Erase iPhone and it will reset your iPhone, so you’d have to set up the iPhone from scratch.


There are some ways you can unlock your iPhone without even knowing the passcode. If you were stuck or confused about the steps, we hope this article clarifies all your doubts. Just ensure that you practice safety when using any kind of third-party application. Also, never forget to keep backup sorted before trying any of these methods.

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