Can I Shower with Apple Watch 8?

By Govind

Whenever it comes to buying a smartwatch, the one question that most people have is regarding the efficiency of the model. But, what about water resistance?

Apple is a leading smartwatch brand that has revolutionized the concept of smartwatches in the world. Recently, the brand came out with the Apple Watch 8, with an improved design and even better specifications.

Apple Watch Series 8 is the current hype but one thing that every user is looking forward to exploring is the water resistance rating. Will someone be able to take a shower wearing an Apple Watch 8?

The Apple Watch Series 8 comes with a WR50 rating, which means that it is water resistant up to 50 meters. So, if you are worried about water splashes, rain, or sweat exposure to this watch, you don’t have to.

Similarly, the Apple Watch 8 is safe for you to wear while you are swimming or surfing as well. But, what about showering? Is it safe?

Since showering doesn’t plunge the smartwatch underwater or expose constant water splashes to it, we can safely assume that one can wear the Apple Watch 8 and shower under a water stream without putting the safety of their watch at risk.

However, while the Apple Watch 8 is safe for shallow water activities, the standard WR50 rating doesn’t encourage you to use this smartwatch while you are indulging in intensive water activities like scuba diving or water skiing.

Anything involving high-velocity water isn’t safe for the Apple Watch 8. So, if you are showering under a high-velocity stream of water, we’d recommend avoiding wearing your smartwatch while showering.

Another factor worth considering is that the Apple Watch 8 is only resistant to fresh water, which is the case when you are showering. But, if you are taking it to the sea or ocean with salt water, that might end up damaging the smartwatch too.

Also, while showering, avoid exposing the watch to harsh chemicals, soapy water, or shampoo because that will contribute to the erosion of the material. If you are taking a quick shower under the water without any extra products, you should wear the Apple Watch 8.

But, if you are going to shampoo, use soap, it is ideal to avoid wearing the watch in the shower. This might not provoke any immediate damage but you never know how worse the situation can get eventually.

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By Govind
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