Can I shower with an Apple Watch Ultra?

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Apple Watch Ultra is designed to withstand heavy-duty outdoor activities and adventures. So, wondering whether or not you can shower with your Apple Watch Ultra is something you’d have to be mindful of.

Despite what you think, Apple Watches are all water-resistant but not waterproof. So, technically, you should be able to shower with your Apple Watch Ultra, right?

Well, that’s the tricky part. Despite being water-resistant, you need to remember that Apple watches aren’t waterproof, which means you can’t expect to douse it in water for an extended period and not damage it in the process.

If you are wondering whether or not you can shower with your Apple Watch Ultra or not, we’ll discuss more of that in this article.

Is My Apple Watch Ultra Waterproof?

As we just said, Apple Watch Ultra is water-resistant but not waterproof. So, you can use it during recreational and adventurous activities like walking, hiking, etc.

However, Apple suggests that you shouldn’t expose your Apple Watch Ultra to soap or shower gels when you are showering. So, if you are showering with just water that will involve minimal exposure to water, using this while showering is fine.

But, if you are indulging in an extensive shower routine with a lot of soap, oils, or creams, we’d recommend that you avoid wearing your Apple watch during that phase.

Can I go Scuba Diving with an Apple Watch Ultra?

The Apple Watch Ultra is water-resistant up to 40 meters inside the water, which means that you can wear it during scuba diving, swimming, or even for snorkeling and other water activities.

However, we’d recommend that you use it only for shallow water activities and not for the more deep-water diving expeditions because that will end up causing issues in the device. Submerging the Apple Watch Ultra inside the water isn’t recommended at all.

Besides the actual watch, you also have to be mindful of the bands. Not every Apple Watch Ultra band is suited for prolonged water exposure. If you wear a stainless steel or leather band, those aren’t water-resistant, so you need to be careful.

Should I be concerned if my Apple Watch Ultra is wet?

If you have exposed your Apple Watch Ultra to water for prolonged periods, removing the water isn’t as difficult as you think.

You can start with a lint-free absorbent cloth to wipe off the excess water and then dry it as much as possible. If you wore it during your shower, ensure that you wipe out the excess water right after stepping out.

If you notice the audio coming out muffled, avoid inserting anything into the speakers or ports. You might end up damaging it further. What we’d recommend is letting it air dry for 24-48 hours first and then checking if things are working as per usual.


Apple Watch Ultra is a lot more resilient, especially when you are out on adventures. So, while you can shower with it, there are certain restrictions you have to be mindful of. We hope this article gives you a basic rundown of all the basic information surrounding that.

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