12 Best iOS RPG Games 2023


The year 2023 holds great promise for role-playing games (RPGs) on iOS, as they continue to evolve and shape the future of gaming. These immersive experiences allow players to not only customize the appearance of their characters but also delve into intricately crafted virtual worlds. With their blend of enjoyment, interactivity, and engagement, RPG games offer a truly captivating experience. In this article, we present a curated list of the 12 best iOS RPG games that you should keep an eye on this year. Get ready to embark on epic adventures and explore fantastical realms right at your fingertips.

12 Best iOS RPG Games 2023

1.      Genshin Impact

This one doesn’t await anyone’s introduction. Genshin Impact is hands down one of the most popular RPG games available, if not the most popular. In this game, you play as a traveler who is set to be a wanderer, crossing through different worlds. It involves the affairs of Tevyat, which is a world consisting of seven different nations. Also, your objective in the game is to find your lost twin in Tevyat. The adventure is quite exhilarating.

2.      Diablo Immortal

For action-based RPG game enthusiasts, Diablo Immortal is a great choice. The game is set in the background of the series between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. The combat at each step of the game is quite nerve-wracking but at the same time, extremely intuitive as well. Much like the series, even the game doesn’t fall short on the graphics.

3.      The Shadow Knight Ninja Fight Game

Don’t get deterred by the long title of this game, it is one of the most popular iOS RPG games you can play in 2023. You play the game as a Shadow Knight named Noah, where you have to fight to restore the brightness in the kingdom of Harmonia. Your objective in the game is to drive out the enemies while working together in tandem with your friends, including Ashley and Lucius. The combat and intuitive controls in the game are quite fun to navigate through.

4.      Galaxy of Pen and Paper

If you want to indulge in a meta-RPG game on your iOS device, this is it. The game involves a group of space marauders and brings your nerdy side out. It involves a lot of traditional gaming themes, including stat and dice rolls, making it perfect for beginners who don’t like aggressive and combat-filled games.

5.      Star Traders: Frontiers

Another popular space fantasy RPG game that’s worth the time is Star Traders: Frontiers. It has very similar gameplay to the Mass Effect series, so you can expect a lot of combat, fights, action, politics, and a whole lot of adventure as you work through difficult battles and invasions. What’s great about this game is that you can either play as a hero or a villain in the game, giving you a choice.

6.      Vampire’s Fall Origins

For gamers who grew up on RPGs, Vampire’s Fall Origins is a great one to play on your iOS device. As a vampire, your work is to get on a search for the land of the Witchmaster, who is responsible for your state of existence. Besides combat, the game involves a lot of adventure and quests, which you will find exhilarating to play. The graphics in this game are beyond anyone’s comprehension too.

7.      Iron Blade: Medieval RPG

Another OG yet popular iOS RPG game worth exploring is Iron Blade: Medieval RPG. From breathtaking graphics to deadly combat, you have to work through a lot in this game, which is fun and all, until you are facing the enemies. What’s great is that you are playing against millions of people in real time, which adds to the fun.

8.      Five Card Quest

Although a paid iOS RPG game, Five Card Quest is worth every penny you spare. The card elements add a lot of fun to the game instead of making things boring and the same old. The players have to fight the enemies while making their way through a dungeon while holding a bunch of cards. Sounds fun, right? The game is very easy and minimal, which makes it perfect if you want to destress.

9.      Shin Megami Tensei D× 2

If you have played the Persona series and liked it, you will enjoy playing Shin Megami Tensei D× 2 as well, since the developers are the same. Your work in the game is to control the Devil Downloader and use it to summon the demons. You will have to fight your enemies, who are called the Acolytes if you weren’t aware. Also, the game allows you to unlock certain demons, making things a lot more fun and complicated as well.

10. Final Fantasy Series

This one is a hit or miss among most gamers. However, ever since its release in 1987, the game has only grown and diversified. Elements of fantasy like Shinra and Prince Noctis make the make even more engaging than you’d anticipate. But, the best part of the game is the adventures you set on to sail through these individual elements.

11. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

This is another RPG game that doesn’t require an introduction. If the name wasn’t a giveaway, the game highlights elements of combat and action, so keep that into consideration. You can make your team of assassins in this game and get through adventures across varying real-life locations, including that in Spain.

12. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

There is no point in enlisting the best iOS RPG games in 2023 if we don’t include this one. The game is 100% free to download and walks you through the world of Hogwarts. The background story is set a few years before the start of the Harry Potter series. So, you get to navigate through a lot of unique elements in the game. Rivalry, action, adventure, and romance, the game packs it all.


Discover a plethora of top-notch iOS RPGs that you can easily download and enjoy on your iPhone or iPad. The best part? Most of these games are available for free, eliminating the need to spend a significant amount on purchasing them. With this article, our aim is to introduce you to a selection of the finest RPGs available for iOS, ensuring you have access to immersive gaming experiences without breaking the bank. We hope this compilation acquaints you with some of the best RPGs the platform has to offer.

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