Best iOS Games with Controller Support


When it comes to experiencing the true essence of gaming, nothing beats a gaming controller. It’s versatile, supports a plethora of games, and is one of the best options around. Playing with a controller on iPhone gives the gamers access to an out-of-this-world gaming experience with direct access to the haptic feedback, joystick, and the different functionalities of the controller and physical buttons.

However, using an Xbox or PlayStation controller with your iPhone is only going to support a few games. We will highlight the top 20 iOS games with controller support in this guide.

Best iOS Games with Controller Support

1.Call Of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty mobile is a seamless sniper vs sniper mobile game that supports console-like gaming quality with immersive graphics and customizable controls. There is a vintage playing mode and then you also have access to the survival mode of the game with far better access to challenges and adventure.

The best part about indulging in this game is getting direct access to the console-quality HD gaming experience with fully customizable controls. But it doesn’t stop there, especially with the additional features like Search and Destroy Hardpoint, and even Domination.


Before you think otherwise, mentioning Minecraft was a must in the list. This is one of the best simulation games that enables you to build, create and explore infinite worlds with access to unlimited sources. Like the previous one, even this game has a separate survival mode that’s worth enjoying using a controller.

If you are an advanced player of Minecraft, there are options for you to tweak and edit the gameplay, especially by summoning the mobs as per your convenience. You can also explore the different community creations at the marketplace, which adds to the benefits.

3.Dead Trigger 2

Although quite underrated, Death Trigger 2 is worth a mention in the list. It is a type of zombie apocalypse game that prioritizes survival mode for the players. There are 10 different regions in the game that you get to unlock the more you progress in the game. It supports over 600 different gameplay war scenarios that one can explore. The shooting experience in the game paired with the immaculate graphics is out of this world.

With over 30 different battlefields, Dead Trigger 2 is another one of the best adventure games that are played amazingly on iOS. The high-octane shooting experience in the game adds a further layer of fun and thrill to the gameplay.

4.Asphalt 9: Legends

Not everyone enjoys racing games but if you love the thrill of it, chances are that you’d enjoy playing Asphalt 9. This iPhone car racing game with the controller support features a solid roster of luxury cars that you can select for the race against the opponents.

Also, there are different gaming modes in the game, especially the single-player career mode where the gamers can seamlessly portray their skills in over 900+ events. Players can even play against 7 rivals at once, making the game even more fun and enthralling.


Action-adventure games on your iOS don’t have to be boring or the same two games that everyone plays. Huntdown is one of the few unique options that involve three-country bounty hunters who have set out to get rid of corruption in the country. The layout and gameplay are heavily inspired by the 80s.

However, this is one of the few strategic combat games that brings out the best of your thinking abilities. You have to fight against crime bosses, and unruly gangs and come out as a winner on the other side of the equation.

6.Bike Baron 2

There are not many iPhone bike racing games that live up to the user’s expectations. For the gamers looking for iOS games compatible with controllers, Bike Baron 2 is a pretty great choice. From navigating through rough terrains to the monster jumps, the game takes the player through a lot of ups and downs- Literally!

While you are indulging in the game, be careful of the different contraptions that fall into your way because these will end up derailing you from your track. Overall, the gameplay and customizations make it a worthy option to indulge in.

7.Jetpack Joyride

Not every game has to be about fights, kingdoms, and gore. Jetpack Joyride is a fun, feel-good game that is a lot similar to Temple Run since it is an endless runner game. However, what makes it different from the staple options is the crazy vehicles that are included in the game. Instead of simply running through the area without a goal, the game involves adventures and challenging missions that the players have to complete.

Also, the personalization tools in the game are quite fun to explore and look into, if that’s something you are very practical about.

8.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

When someone mentions Grand Theft Auto, chances are that it doesn’t require any kind of introduction. The game, which took over the desktop gameplay, is finally available on mobile devices and has been developed by Rockstar Games.

The game follows Carl Johnson, who is on a task to rescue his family and friends from the clutches of the gangsters and mob dealers. But, the rescue mission doesn’t stop there because Carl Johnson has to save his city of Los Santos as well.

9.Lineage 2: Revolution

When it comes to iOS games that are compatible with a console controller, this one stands out on the list. For the ones completely clueless, it is an online role-playing game that involves a multiplayer RPG gaming theme, making it quite a fun experience to indulge in. You can combat against 200 players in real-time.

Also, it allows the players to join teams or invite friends to help them combat the boss monsters that are taking over the area. The eye-catchy visuals with the stunning storyline make this a worthy game to look into.

10.Life is Strange

It’s quite confusing deciphering what the game is just by reading the name. Well, Life is Strange is a popular modern adventure game, which involves episodic levels with amazing storytelling from the start to the end.

The game is quite slow-paced and light-hearted, which ensures that you get to enjoy the visuals, the cinematic gaming experience, and the unique touch and customization of each player’s appearance.

11.Spongebob Squarepants

If you grew up watching this show on television, chances are that you will enjoy it in the game format as well. The game is just like the story, especially where you go ahead and beat Plankton’s evil plans by being the protagonist character in the game.

Given that Plankton is known for his evil mastermind, beating him at his tactics can be a little challenging. Don’t worry though because this strategy game will twist your mind and keep you engaged from the start till the end.

12.Animus: Revenant

Animus is another iOS role-playing game where the protagonist or the pivotal player plays the role of a savior while trying to save and rescue the world from annihilation. Your responsibilities as the main character in the game are to fight against the evil forces and restore the lost peace in the world.

This is a type of single-player RPG with a very gripping storyline and strategic thinking that keeps you hooked from the start till the end.

13.Secret Neighbor

If horror is your genre of liking when it comes to games, you are going to enjoy playing this one. It is a strategy game where you have to get into a unique hello neighbor universe where you sneak and look around the house and collect all the available keys to find your way out of the basement door.

But, do you realize what makes this game fun and one of a kind? While you are battling with the team of players, one of you is an imposter and is a neighbor. So, you aim to also identify the devil in disguise before it’s too late.

14.Contra Returns

Another popular iOS-based arcade game that you can consider looking into is Contra Returns. It is a typical run-and-gun shooter game with side-scrolling gameplay. The users have to play in two-person teams and fight against the alien bosses.

Compared to the OG version of the game with the vintage elements, the new version is updated with the latest visuals and gameplay that will keep you hooked and occupied from the get-go. Also, while you are at it, make the most use of the wide range of weapons that are available for the players to pick and use on their opponent.

15.Dead Cells

Before you think this is another one of those horror games, it isn’t. Dead Cells is a popular 2D combat game where you get access to a wide range of weapons to fight against brutal enemies, minions, and their bosses. Your objective in the game is to identify the pattern of your enemies if you don’t want to get eliminated early on.

There are a plethora of customization options in the game, which further adds to the fun and excitement of the game. You can also fine-tune a few of your weapons of choice.


Another fighting and action-packed game that is worth looking into on your iOS device are Brawlhalla. It is a platform fighting game. Not only can you select your opponent and play a single-mode game, but you can also invite friends and play in teams. The list of features on the game is unique and one of a kind.

The casual matches are the most played in the game and involve four players who are consecutively fighting to be the champion. Each player has the option to invite up to 8 friends to combat and fight against their opponent.

17.Under: Depths of Fear

If there’s one survival adventure game that deserves a spot on the list, it is this one. Under: Depths of Fear is where you put in your everything to fight against all the odds that are stacked against you. It is also a type of escape game where you are left stranded with no way to get out.

Your objective in the game is to unravel the truth of the mysterious place you are stuck in, tap into your fears and then sabotage them and come out stronger on the other side.

18.Rush Rally Origins

Following the list of so many adventure and survival games, we had to change the tone with another racing game. Rush Rally Origins makes racing fun and a relaxing experience for the games. There are over 35 stages that the gamers can explore in the game. And, if you want to add more adventure to the game, there are different types of surfaces that you can zoom through, including gravel, dirt, etc.

There are the staple championship and A-B race games that you can explore in the game. Also, the customization options are quite promising in the game as well.

19.Stardew Valley

Are you one of those gamers that enjoy open-ended farming RPG games? If yes, Stardew Valley could be the right option for you to check out. It is a very lighthearted game where you can breed animals, grow crops, and even customize and design the farm according to your taste.

But what makes this game stand out is its unique family planning feature. The gamers can start a family by choosing from the 12 marriage candidates from their community. There is a hidden element of adventure in the game as well.

20.The Swords of Ditto

Action role-playing games deserve a mention in this list, so we knew we had to include The Swords of Ditto in the list too. From the heroic battles to the customizable weaponry, there is so much to this game that is worth paying attention to.

Also, if you are stuck in the boring real-time world, exploring this fascinating virtual world is going to get you through a bout of fun experiences as you fight the evils in scenic island backdrops.

Gaming on iOS using a compatible controller doesn’t have to be boring or limiting. If you weren’t sure about the best games available, we hope this article gives you a good starting point to go with. Ensure that you check out the compatibility of your console’s controller before kickstarting the game.

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