Best iOS 15 Launchers for Android


Do you like iPhone but your pocket is not allowing you to make such a big purchase? Don’t worry as we are here with a solution. Download iOS 15 launchers on your Android right away and make your phone looks like an iPhone within seconds.

The internet is loaded with tons of iOS 15 launchers to choose from, which turns a simple choice into a strenuous task. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best iOS 15 launcher options so you can easily bring your dream of using the iPhone into reality. Let’s have a look.

Best iOS 15 launchers for iPhone

Here’s the rundown of the 5 best iOS 15 launchers you can opt for. Pick any of the options and turn your Android to iPhone within a few clicks.

  • Launcher iOS 15

The iOS 15 launcher marks a new milestone for the Android mobile operating system. It improves the performance of your phone over time and gives up incredible options for your phone’s launcher.

Your phone will be the most powerful, personal, and intelligent device it has ever been with Launcher iOS 15. You may customize your wallpaper in the same way to an iOS device, thus making your Android look like Apple iPhone.

  • Theme for iOS 15

The iOS 15 Theme software is a server-based program with beautiful, unique, and HD wallpapers and this Launcher for iOS 15 allows users to customize their mobile phones. It is just 6 MB in size.

You may freely download all of the wallpapers for iOS 15 so that you can personalize your phone with original HD wallpapers and the iOS 15 Launcher. To make the app smaller, all of iOS 15’s wallpapers get stored on a server.

In addition, the makers frequently try to update the server’s newest wallpapers without updating the app.

  • Launcher for iOS 15

For the customers to personalize their mobile phones, Launcher for iOS 15 comes with an excellent theme and free, newest, original, and HD wallpapers. This launcher for iOS 15 is the best software for customizing your phone with themes.

It includes a variety of iOS 15 app-related wallpapers that users may use to customize their phones. This application also gives a list of Top-Ranked and Most Visited to provide our top features in one click.

  • Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher is a desktop application for Android 2.2 or later smartphones and tablets. It gives you a unique interactive experience and sets your smartphone and tablet apart from the competition. Furthermore, if you get dissatisfied with it, you can simply remove it to restore your previous interface.

This app is the most effective of all the launchers that strive to bring a little bit of iOS to Android—and it does it not just well but also rapidly. You may further personalize your interface by installing some of the additional apps recommended by Espier Launcher.

  • OS10 Launcher

It offers excellent customization, such as sliding screen effects, icon size, desktop icon layout, capricious change to ease the users. OS10 launcher is a sleek, customizable Android software that makes your phone quicker, easier to use, while giving you an unrivaled experience.

There are customization possibilities and a weather widget that seems like it came from Apple. It can free up memory on your phone, allowing it to operate quicker.

How to to Install iOS ROM on Android-based device

If you want to get a customized iOS ROM, you’ll need to root it first. Follow the instructions below –

1.Install TWRP on your Android device without system

A TWRP recovery module gets required for the installation of an iOS ROM. You must first download and install the Flashify program from the Google Play Store.

The app will then get launched. Select the Recovery Image option from the drop-down menu.

A new box will appear on your screen. TWRP may get downloaded by clicking on the Download TWRP button. As a consequence, your phone will begin to access TWRP.

2.Obtaining the iOS ROM

Download the iOS ROM from here and save it to your phone’s internal memory.

3.Get the iOS ROM installed

  • To begin, switch off your smartphone, then hit and keep the power and volume keys at the same time. The phone will enter the boot menu as a result of this. The TWRP screen will appear there.
  • Select Wipe from the drop-down menu. To erase all installed programs, swap the slider button. Return to the main screen now.
  • Go to the Backup option from the home screen. It is necessary to make a backup of the current Android operating system.
  • Check all of the selections and then slide to begin the procedure.
  • It might take up to 15 minutes to finish the backup, depending on your phone and storage space.
  • Return to the home screen. From there, select the Install option. Locate the iOS ROM zip file that we previously saved.
  • To begin the installation procedure, click on it and adjust the slider. The installation process might take up to 20 minutes at most.
  • When the procedure gets completed, a section named Wipe Cache/Dalvik will appear. To clear the cache, select it and flip the slider as before.
  • When the cleaning procedure gets finished, press the Reboot System button. When you get finished, set up your new iOS account just like any other iPhone or iPad.


That’s it for now!! Though iPhone launchers offer nothing to boost the functionality of your Android smartphone, they will make your phone feel smoother and more attractive. All iPhone launchers are unique, and by experimenting with this list, you’ll be able to find the one that’s right for you.

So, do you like our homework? Let us know in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you.

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