20 Best iOS 14 Widget Apps To Make iPhone Home Screen Delightful

By Betty

Within a week of iOS 14 release, many Apple users stormed the social media platforms with some creative and aesthetic iOS 14 home screen designs. Since the new iOS 14 lets users customize the iPhone home screen, people are also looking for more iOS 14 widgets apps to add more charm to the home screen.

Considering the craze of people about the home screen widgets customization, here we have collected the top 20 best widgets apps for iOS 14 home screen. As per the report of Sensor Tower, these 20 widgets apps downloaded more than 5.7 million times within four days of iOS 14 releases on September 16. From the 5.7 million downloads, three widgets apps are dominating with 95% downloads. Let’s take a look at these widgets apps.

Best Widgets Apps for iOS 14 Home Screen on iPhone

  1. Widgetsmith: This iOS app lets you add multiple photos your iPhone’s home screen and make it look attractive.
  2. Color Widgets: With the help of this iOS 14 widgets app you can customize widget with some new colors and even add images to background. It will show date, day, time and battery percentage.
  3. Photo Widget: This app also works like the Widgetsmith which allow you to add your favourite images on iOS 14 home screen.
  4. Photobox Widget: This app is also design to customise a photo for your home screen.
  5. MemoWidget: If you want manage your To Do list then you can use this app to make notes and add it to the home screen.
  6. Home Photo Widget
  7. Motivation Widget
  8. Ermine,
  9. Date Today
  10. Hey Weather
  11. TimeDeck
  12. Widgeridoo
  13. Glimpse 2
  14. Widget Wizard
  15. Widget Web
  16. Locket
  17. ItemMemo
  18. OMDZ
  19. Clock Widget for Home Screen
  20. Photo Widgets.

So these were some of the best widgets apps for iPhone home screen you can use to customize your iOS 14 device. If you don’t have much idea about the customization, we have prepared the full guide on customizing iOS 14 home screen on iPhone to add some custom effects according to your choice. Feel free to share any other widget app you are using for the customization.

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