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Tired of searching through countless search results looking for idle games for your iOS device? Well, your search has finally come to an end. I have complied a list of best idle games for iOS devices that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Trust me the idle games that I have listed for you in this article will keep you hooked.  Whether you have just a minute to spare or need to relax from your workload, these games will surely be a delight by giving you rewards on every step of the way.

What is idle game?

Wait, but what exactly is an idle game for iOS device? Apparently, an idle game is a type of video game where you can earn rewards and progress even when you are not actively playing. In these games, you set things up, like tasks or actions, and then the game continues on its own, letting you collect rewards when you return. It’s like you’re still getting points or resources even if you’re not actively doing anything in the game at that moment. These games are designed to be relaxing and fun, perfect for people who want to enjoy gaming without constantly having to play.

14 Best idle games iOS

Okay, I think its enough information to get you started on choosing the best idle game for you. Leet us take a look at the list that I have made specially for you. You can choose any that catches your eye.

  1. Forest Island:In Forest Island, you make your dream island. Collect things, build structures, and bring cute animals to your island. Its perfect for relaxing, imagine owning an island but just virtually.
  2. AdVenture Capitalist: Start small and become rich in AdVenture Capitalist. Buy businesses and hire people to help. Built your own business and trust me it will be of help along the way.
  3. Neko Atsume:Neko Atsume is about collecting cats. Put out toys and food to get adorable cats in your virtual yard. If you are an animal lover specially of cats, then you should surely try this game.
  4. Egg Inc: Manage your own egg farm in Egg Inc. Upgrade things to make more money from different eggs. It’s graphics are amazing and rewards are appealing.
  5. AFK Arena:In AFK Arena you are your own superhero. Collect heroes, fight battles, and make them stronger and upgrade along the way.
  6. Realm Grinder: Have you thought of ruling a kingdom, well now you can with Realm Grinder. Pick sides, get upgrades, and build your legacy.
  7. Universal Paperclips:Go from making paperclips to being a big company in Universal Paperclips. It’s a simple game to play but quite addictive.
  8. Leaf Blower Revolution:Have fun with Leaf Blower Revolution. Upgrade your leaf blower and get help to clear leaves all across the town.
  9. Home Quest: Make your dream home in Home Quest. Collect things, make your home better, and enjoy. Make the dream home that you always wanted.
  10. Idle Superpowers: In Idle Superpowers, get heroes and fight bad guys. Make your heroes stronger and use their powers. With this game you can become a superhero just like iron man.
  11. Tap Titans 2: Battle big monsters in Tap Titans 2. Get heroes, make them better, and have exciting battles. Just like in childhood you plays pokemon, fighting battles with your enemy and winning rewards.
  12. Bitcoin Billionaire:Try Bitcoin Billionaire to learn about cryptocurrency. Mine bitcoins, get better tech, and get rich. It’s light-hearted and easy, and you will get to learn a lot of new stuff.
  13. Dungeon, Inc.: Manage your dungeon and monsters in Dungeon, Inc. Make monsters stronger and protect your dungeon. Its quite interesting game to play.
  14. Money Tree 2:Grow your money tree in Money Tree 2. Upgrade it, get bonuses, and watch your money grow.

That’s it folks! There are the best idle games for you to play and earn rewards. Let me know which one did you like the most, rate it as per your wish in the comment section down below.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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