Best chat GPT apps for iOS [2023]


The new chat GPT is in the market and everyone seems to be intrigued by this concept. But what exactly is chat GPT? There are many people out there who are still confused with the concept of chat GPT. Let me elaborate. So basically, chat GPT is an open source platform. This software was created by OpenAI. OpenAI is a research and development firm dedicated to the advancement of artificial intelligence. The firm intends to maximize the benefits of Artificial Intelligence for humanity. Scary, isn’t it? Well, it is not. When utilized correctly, artificial intelligence is a fantastic tool for advancing technology. Let me put it in more simple words.

What is chat GPT for iOS?

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that has been taught to answer your questions better than Google. It can keep you up to date on the newest trends and news, assist you with coding, answer your mathematical issues, and even compose a poem for you. The plus point is that ChatGPT is compatible with iPhone/iOS.

You must give some words or a sentence as a prompt, and the AI will fill in the information from there. There are many different sites regarding the AI-writing on the internet. There are many options to choose from.

Best chat GPT apps for iOS

For now, chat GPT can be viewed via the safari browser on an iPhone device since there are no official chat GPT applications that can be found on the App store. There are many alternatives to chat GPT that you can find in the App store but none of them are official. In fact, even for Android no official version of chat GPT is released.

If you are looking for the top ChatGPT AI applications for iPhone/ iOS, look no further, there are many apps that can be very helpful. Although you need to keep in mind that not all the applications that you download are free, for some of the apps and services you need to pay for them to get full advantage of the chat GPT app.

  • Chat GPT Pro
  • Chat GPT- AI Vhat with GPT- 3
  • ‎Talk GPT – talk to chat GPT
  • Alfred- The chat GPT assistant
  • GPT AI chat – chatbot assistant
  • Chat GPT 3: Chat GPT AI
  • Chat GPT app AI
  • Chat GPT 3 AI writer – Genie
  • AI for Chat GPT
  • Chat GPT- Chat with Chat GPT
  • Chat AI GPT
  • GPTKey- the Chat GPT keyboard

If the above given apps are not something you were looking for then you may opt for the alternative of Chat GPT. These alternatives can be found on both Android and iOS

  • Chinchilla: developed by DeepMind, and is also considered a GPT 3 killer as compared to others.
  • Bloom: another amazing alternative for chat GPT formed using 384 graphics cards and memory of 80 GB.
  • Gopher: This is also developed by DeepMind and works well in answering science and humanities questions.
  • LaMDA: developed by Google and compared to any other app it is the most useful chat GPT app.
  • Megatron Turning NLG: Founded by NIVIDIA and Microsoft and has 530 billion parameters.
  • Rytr: an alternative for chat GPT that makes full use of artificial intelligence that can write articles for you.
  • Jasper: it is an AI writing software tool. You just need to fill in some details and jasper will write everything for you.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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