Can You Download Balatro on iOS?


Balatro is a captivating poker-inspired roguelike deck builder game developed by LocalThunk and published by Playstack. It combines the strategic gameplay of poker with roguelike elements for a unique and addictive experience.

The game is currently available on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. However, many iOS users have been wondering if the game will release on iOS devices as well.

What Is Balatro?

Here’s a quick overview of the core gameplay and standout features of Balatro:

  • Poker-inspired gameplay – The foundation is playing poker hands to earn chips and defeat opponents. But various twists like Jokers and multipliers make it more strategic.
  • 150 unique Jokers – These special cards have unique effects that enhance your poker hands. With 5 variants each, endless powerful combinations are possible.
  • 15 customizable Decks – Choose a Deck at the start of each run, modifying your playstyle. Aggressive, defensive, high-risk, and other approaches open up.
  • Roguelike elements – Procedurally generated levels, escalating challenges, and permadeath on defeat make each run excitingly different.
  • Persistent upgrades – Use earned tokens to unlock permanent buffs, making subsequent runs smoother.

With its fusion of luck, strategy, and progression, Balatro offers tremendous replay value. Each run tells a unique story filled with tense decisions, exhilarating wins, and motivation to push further next time.

Current Availability of Balatro on iOS

As of February 2024, there is no official iOS app for Balatro on the App Store. The game is not yet available to download natively on iPhone or iPad devices.

The developer has stated that a mobile version for both Android and iOS is on the cards and could release sometime post the PC and console launch. But they have not provided a specific timeframe or release window yet.

Hence, iOS users eagerly awaiting the chance to play Balatro on their devices will likely need to wait several more months at the minimum.

Will Balatro Ever Release on iOS Devices?

Yes, it is very likely Balatro will officially launch on iOS in the future after the initial launch wave stabilizes across PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

The solo developer of Balatro has directly stated on the game’s official Discord server that an iOS (and Android) version of the game is in the works.

In the Steam discussion forums as well, the dev has reaffirmed iOS support is planned post the console and computer release.

Considering Balatro’s highly positive critical reception and user feedback so far, the success of the launch should give its developer the resources and motivation to accelerate the iOS development.

If the game performs well across its initial platforms, bringing Balatro to iOS could happen within 2024 itself. This would allow the dev to capitalize on the hype at its peak and target the mobile gaming masses.

How to Play Balatro on iOS Currently

While an official iOS app is still in the works, eager Apple device owners have a few options to access Balatro right now:

Cloud gaming services

Cloud gaming platforms like Xbox Cloud Gaming allow streaming Balatro to iOS browsers from the cloud. This gives a real-time gaming experience without downloads.

Using on-screen touch controls or controllers, the game can be played on iPhones or iPads. Graphics and latency may not be optimal, but it works.

Remote desktop apps

Remote desktop apps like Steam Link permit remotely accessing a PC/console running Balatro from an iOS device on the same WiFi network. Controls get mirrored while the game runs on the host machine.

Wait for iOS release

Alternatively, iOS fans can wait for the native iOS app to hit the App Store officially. This will provide the best experience and optimization for Apple mobile devices. Given the dev’s iOS plans, the release should arrive within 2024.

So, while Balatro is not natively available on the App Store yet, users have temporary alternatives to access the game on iPhone and iPad devices. Of course, the most polished experience will come with the eventual iOS launch likely later this year.

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