How to Download the AutoZoners App on iOS?


The AutoZoners app is an employee-only mobile app for AutoZone workers. The key things to know are:

It is published by Simple Healthcare LLC and available for download on the iOS App Store. The app provides features like viewing paychecks, AutoZone benefits information, ordering work uniforms, accessing employee discounts, etc.

It also includes health and wellness programs that employees can participate in to earn rewards. The AutoZoners app links with health/activity trackers like Apple Health and Google Fit to track employee fitness.

In contrast, there is a separate AutoZone app available for general consumers to order parts, manage vehicles, find stores, etc.

The AutoZoners app is meant for AutoZone employees while the main AutoZone app is for consumers. The employee app provides work-related information and tools.

Is autozoners app available for iOS?

As stated above, there is an AutoZoners app available for iOS devices on the App Store. the AutoZoners app was released on July 12, 2019 by SIMPLE HEALTHCARE LLC.

However, it was available for both, iPhones and iPads. But as of now, I noticed that it is only available for iPad. It says it is designed for only iPads on App Store.

About the AutoZoners iOS App


It provides a centralized experience for AutoZone employees (AutoZoners) to access work-related information and tools. This includes viewing paychecks, ordering work uniforms, accessing employee discounts and company news.


Here are the key features of the AutoZoners app for iOS:

  • View AutoZone employee benefits and paychecks
  • Order work uniforms and access employee discounts
  • View career opportunities within AutoZone
  • Participate in health and wellness programs to earn rewards
  • Link health and activity data from apps like Apple Health

The AutoZoners app seems to be focused on providing features and information relevant to AutoZone employees specifically. It is not a general consumer-facing app.

In contrast, the separate AutoZone app for consumers allows them to order parts online, manage vehicles, track rewards, find stores, and more.

So, the AutoZoners app for iOS provides employee-centric features, while the main AutoZone app is meant for general consumers.

  • Compatibility: Requires iPadOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
  • Ratings: Currently rated 4+ stars in the iOS App Store by users.

So in summary, the AutoZoners app by SIMPLE HEALTHCARE LLC is specifically designed for AutoZone employees and provides convenient access to job-related tools and resources right from their iPads. Based on the positive user ratings, it appears to be a useful app for the target AutoZoner audience.

Can You Install AutoZoners on Your iPhone?

No, as of now the Autozoners app is not available for iPhone. It is available on Apple App Store but the current version is only available for iPad. So, if you don’t see AutoZoners in the App Store on your iPhone, don’t be surprised. It is still available for

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