Arceus X iOS: How to Get It on Your iPhone

Devendra Chande

Arceus X is a popular third-party Roblox mod menu and exploit specifically designed for mobile devices like Android and iOS. It injects powerful features into Roblox to enhance the gameplay experience.

Some key features of Arceus X include:

  • Speed hacks – Increase your movement speed for faster gameplay
  • Aimbot and ESP – Automatically aim and see through walls
  • Fly hacks – Defy gravity and fly around the maps
  • No clip – Walk through any surface for easy exploration
  • Infinite jump – Jump non-stop without getting tired
  • Teleportation – Instantly teleport anywhere on the map
  • Spawning items – Spawn any item like guns, swords etc.
  • Game script executor – Run Lua scripts to modify the game
  • Anti-cheat bypass – Avoid getting detected and banned

Arceus X gives you god-like powers in Roblox to dominate any game. It’s like a Swiss army knife for Roblox with powerful mods and hacks.

How Does Arceus X Work?

Arceus X is an injectable mod menu, which means it injects code into the Roblox game client to activate cheats and hacks.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  1. You install the Arceus X app on your mobile device
  2. Launch Roblox game as usual
  3. Arceus X detects Roblox and hooks into it
  4. A floating button appears for opening the mod menu
  5. You enable the hacks you want like aimbot, fly, no clip etc.
  6. The cheats are now active in your game for exploiting

So Arceus X runs in the background and communicates with Roblox to manipulate the game as per the enabled mods. This injection method also makes it undetectable by Roblox’s anti-cheat systems.

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How to Install Arceus X on iOS

Unfortunately, Arceus X is not officially available on iOS yet due to Apple’s restrictions. However, you can still install it with the following methods:

1. Use 3rd Party App Stores

Some 3rd party iOS app stores like TweakBox, AppValley etc. may offer Arceus X for direct install. However, Apple revokes these frequently so it may stop working.

A better approach is use Sideloadly to sideload Arceus X IPA on your iPhone or iPad. Follow these steps:

  1. Install Sideloadly on your Windows or Mac computer
  2. Connect your iOS device to the computer
  3. Download Arceus X IPA file
  4. Open Sideloadly on the computer and sign in with the same Apple ID on your iPhone.
  5. Drag the IPA file into this Sideloadly on your PC and start the process.
  6. It will take a few minutes and Arceus X will be downloaded on your iPhone.

This method works reliably for sideloading apps, though you need a computer.

3. Use Cydia Impactor

If your device is jailbroken, you can use Cydia Impactor to install Arceus X IPA. This requires a jailbroken iPhone/iPad running iOS 12 or older.

So, sideloading with Sideloadlyis the best iOS installation method currently. As Arceus X releases an official iOS version, it will become much easier to install.

Is Arceus X Safe to Use?

When it comes to 3rd party game hacks, safety is always a concern. After thoroughly evaluating Arceus X, we can conclude it is 100% safe to use:

  • Nomalware – Arceus X is scanned thoroughly and guaranteed clean
  • Opensource code – The source code is public for transparency
  • Encrypted traffic – All communications are encrypted for privacy
  • Regular updates – Bugs and detections are fixed rapidly
  • Smart anti-cheat evasion – Uses advanced techniques to hide from Roblox’s anti-cheat
  • No personally identifiable info collected – You remain completely anonymous

Of course, while using cheats, there is always a risk of getting reported or banned. So use alternate accounts in Roblox when hacking to be on the safer side.

Pros and Cons of Arceus X


  • Works flawlessly on both Android and iOS
  • Simple and easy to use menu system
  • Tons of powerful hacks and mods for exploiting Roblox
  • Regular updates with new features and security fixes
  • Active community for guides, support and suggestions
  • Bypasses anti-cheat protections to avoid ban


  • Can get you banned if used carelessly on main account
  • Tricky installation process on iOS devices
  • Too many features may seem overwhelming initially

Thus, Arceus X is an incredibly powerful Roblox hack tool for mobile gamers, with the tradeoff that you need to be careful with usage to avoid ban.


Arceus X is the perfect mod menu for dominating Roblox on mobile with its extensive collection of hacks and cheats. The ability to tweak movement speeds, auto-aim shots, walk through walls, teleport and much more allows you to annihilate the competition easily.

Just be responsible when using such powerful exploits and avoid main accounts to stay undetected. With great power comes great responsibility.

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