ARC Browser On iOS: How to Download and Use?

Devendra Chande

When you think of a common browser for keeping yourself connected to all your internet needs, Google Chrome is generally the first option that pops up in your mind. What you fail to realize is that Chrome isn’t the only browser out there.

Last year, a lot of heated debate started arising surrounding Chrome and its privacy policies. Users realized that Chrome unknowingly collects a lot of data without people knowing about it.

If you know about Apple, you know for a fact that they consistently prioritize users’ security and privacy online. Following that, the ARC browser was introduced, which is expected to offer improved security features and keep the users organized.

This article will explore everything you need to know about the ARC browser, its features, and its usage.

What is ARC Browser?

ARC is a recently launched internet browser by The Browser Company that’s currently available for Macs only. Despite the rave it created since its launch, the browser is currently invite-only, which means that you’d have to sign up on their waitlist to get access to the browser.

Unlike all the other internet browsers, Arc is a lot different. It features separate and segregated rooms in the browser, keeping all your tasks organized. The primary objective behind the ARC browser was to create a minimal yet highly effective workspace on the internet.

Is ARC Browser built on Chrome?

Since the launch of ARC Browser, one thing that people have been questioning is whether or not it is built on Chrome. The answer is that the ARC browser is built on the Chromium engine, which is an open-sourced project.

So, in a way, the layout and functionalities will draw a lot of similarities to Chrome. But, some of the downsides is that it also brings a lot of lagging issues that we currently face with Chrome as well.

What are the Primary Features of the ARC Browser?

Given that ARC is an invite-only browser, not everyone can access it right now. This also means that you’d have to wait for some time before you can proceed with this particular browser.

Being inquisitive about the popular features of this browser isn’t surprising at all. So, let us walk you through them in detail.

Split View – This will enable the users to open and view up to four panels at a time to multitask and get things done without any delays.

Screenshots – With this feature, the users will now be able to take screenshots of their browsers directly without needing to rely on third-party extensions or tools.

Boosts – If you use extensions on Chrome, that’s exactly what Boosts are on ARC. This enables users to access additional features with a click of a button.

iCloud syncing – Since the ARC browser is Mac exclusive currently, it also supports iCloud syncing if that’s something you are considering exploring.

Besides these, the ARC browser also offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts with the Command prompt, which is likely going to make your life a lot easier.

Is ARC Browser Available for iPhones?

ARC browser is a Mac-exclusive browser only, which means that you can’t download or use it on iPhones at this point.

However, the developers have confirmed that they are currently working on the Windows version of this browser and soon it will be available for phones as well.


With Google Chrome becoming a staple browser and compromising the user’s privacy, we need a good alternative that’s secure and worth the time. ARC browser is undoubtedly one of the best options that you will come across. However, the biggest downside to this browser is the lack of accessibility at this moment.

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