Apple’s iPhone SE 2 may not be called iPhone SE 2


It is being said that Apple may launch a new budget iPhone in the first quarter of 2021. Well-known industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has recently reported that Apple is planning to launch a new, budget-friendly iPhone model in the first quarter of the next year. The last and one of the most successful budget-focused iPhones was iPhone SE and to fill the gap a new cost-friendly iPhone is required. Will it be called iPhone SE 2 or iPhone XE? According to a report by 9to5mac, a new device by Apple may not get the name “SE 2”.

The iPhone SE was launched to target two types of customers. First, people who wanted the iPhone at a lower price with some modern features. Second, people who wanted an iPhone with a smaller screen that can be fit in pocket easily. iPhone SE had a classic metal body of iPhone SE while internal features were extracted from iPhone 6S. Many people actually downgraded from their expensive iPhones to SE because it offered everything that people wanted in the budget price and a smaller design. SE was actually offering more than its budgeted price.

Kuo and other analysts predict that the new and cheaper iPhone will be targeting the first kind of customers, those who want a cheaper option. So the ones who want a smaller design with a classic look will not have anything in this device.

Here’s how Apple’s new iPhone SE/XE or successor may look like by the predictions:

“It’s obvious that the new iPhone SE successor will be launched with affordable rates than other premium iPhone models. The new device may also feature a new A13 Bionic Chip with 3GB RAM covered by iPhone 8 body.

Ming-Chi Kuo says that the new iPhone XE would feature iPhone 8’s hardware specifications. So, that may not look like iPhone SE 2 but a new iPhone 8S or iPhone XE.”

So the people who want to buy iPhone 8 will be able to get the latest device with modern features and a longer lifespan. But those who want an iPhone with a smaller screen and the same old design will have to upset since it is not happening till yet. So the new cheap iPhone will not be the identical successor of the iPhone SE. The only good news for those who want old design is that this device will feature the slab-sided design.

So the possibilities of new iPhone getting a “SE 2” name are really fewer since by the design and features it will be more different than being an iPhone SE successor. It is possible that the new name will be “iPhone XE”. Recently, we have seen Apple has a special place for name “X” series and this makes us believe that the new device will be given an “XE” name.

On the other hand, it is also possible that the new device will be called iPhone 9 since iPhone X or iPhone 10 is released after iPhone 8. 9 is still in pipeline and it may happen or it may not but Apple doesn’t have to do the logical thing when it is about naming the device.

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