Apple Watch Ultra: Features and Price


The Apple event has already begun and we are very well into it with the introductions of new features every second. Currently Apple introduced Apple Watch Ultra. Lets just say it is a whole new era for the Apple Watch and a sweet delight for the users. According to the manufacturer, the ultra “is a whole new interpretation of Apple Watch.” It is can be said to be very progressible”

It is especially made for athletes, or people who plays sports and sports fans. Apple’s high-end smartwatch is made of grade 5 titanium and sapphire crystal. Its 49- millimetre casing is advertised as having a battery life of up to 36 hours. With 36 hours battery life it can make it a long run. It is specially made for water activities and features a distinctive sound pattern to transmit alarms.

Apple Watch Ultra’s Oceanic app

This app is specially made for our very own scuba drivers. Scuba divers can use the app to monitor dive parameters and organise their dives accordingly. It can be used underwater without any hesitation. This is the most advanced feature that Apple has come up with among other features.

It will be available starting on September 23 for $799. The booking will be open as we speak.

With a dual frequency GPS, the new robust Apple Watch can provide precise GPS navigation even in weak signal situations.

In order to reduce eye strain, there is also a night mode that turns off the ultraviolet radiation.

A unique casing is included with the Apple Watch Ultra. The 49mm case of the smartwatch features a large display, a dedicated action button, and two speakers. The watch has a battery life of 36 hours.

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