Apple Watch Series 5 Features: This watch tells time [Among other things]


At the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, Apple launched its next advanced smartwatch “Apple Watch Series” with the tagline “you’ve never seen a watch like this.” But do you agree with Apple? Do you want to check out all new amazing features of Apple Watch Series 5? If so, then let’s check out what Apple landed at the Apple Special Event 2019.

With the Apple Watch Series 5, Apple has maintained the look, design, and easy to fit feature of the watch. But there are much more we wish to get on the next Apple Watch, and finally, the watch is here with some awe-aspiring features that we never imagined.  From the heart rate notification to the always-on display feature, this Apple Watch Series 5 has something that meets its tagline “you’ve never seen a watch like this.”

Apple Watch Series Specifications

Here’s the short Apple Watch Series 5 teaser video you should check:
  • Display that never sleeps
  • Comes with Retina display technology
  • Now the customization is on your hand with straps replacement.
  • The heart rating software has upgraded, which allow you to get a more accurate result of high or low heart rate through notification.
  • A new Noise app has also been added to create a more reliable device.
  • You can even track your cycle with this smartwatch. User can quickly get log information.
  • All the workout and exercise advanced level features are added to this watch.
  • The smart activity rings feature helps you to move more than stay in one place.
  • With the update in watch series 5, you can stream 50 million songs with this single device.
  • Apple Podcasts and Apple Music Library are added with this latest watch series.
  • The compass is updated in this latest series where it provides a great sense of direction.
  • Now you don’t need any other Apple device for App Store, because 5th series apple watch included in it.
  • Apple has made this watch series five so smartly that cellular becomes second against this watch. Most of the cellular operating features are down within this watch series 5.
  • SOS emergency call alert is also added as a safety help feature.
  • This watch provides the search option as you got on iPhone Siri.
  • There is a voice time feature where the watch tells the time when it asked.
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