Apple Watch 8: Crash Detection & Health Safety:

Devendra Chande

“The Apple Watch will save your life”

We are consistently let down by Apple when it comes to the taglines it uses to market its products. This function, according to Apple, will help you avoid some dire situations. Apple Watch will assist you even if you are in a car accident. The Crash Detection function is regarded as being cutting-edge. The most common kinds of cars can be detected by Series 8 for collisions. It can recognise whether you’ve been in a serious auto accident and alert the appropriate emergency agencies and contacts. The ideal car would be one that never crashes, but even CRASH Detection isn’t good enough. Two new motion sensors will be added: an upgraded gyroscope and a new accelerometer. Four times faster than the previous accelerometer, the new one samples motion.

Additional elements for connectivity and health safety are also available. For the health of women, we will be receiving new temperature sensors. Women’s ovulation cycles can be tracked with the aid of this new temperature sensor and cycle. Features created with privacy and solid research at their core. One sensor is on the back and the other is under the display. It enables you to view previous ovulation dates. Cycle variations that could be signs of health issues can be found. There is a clear theme of health issues here. Cycle information is encrypted and only available with a passcode or biometric ID on the device. If synchronised to iCloud, it will be fully encrypted, keeping Apple from reading it.

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