Apple to push an iOS update in China in bid to resolve Qualcomm case

Vineet Maheshwari
Apple to push an iOS update in China in bid to resolve Qualcomm case

Apple, confronting a court prohibit in China on a few of its iPhone versions over alleged breach of Qualcomm Inc patents, said on Friday it’ll push software updates to consumers in an effort to solve possible difficulties.

Apple will execute the software upgrades at the beginning of next week”to tackle any potential concern with our compliance with the arrangement”, the company said in a statement sent to Reuters.

Before this week, Qualcomm reported a Chinese court had ordered a ban on sales of several elderly Apple iPhone units for violating two of its patents, even although intellectual property attorneys said the ban could still probably take time to apply.

“According to the iPhone versions we provide now in China, we think we’re in compliance,” Apple said.

“Early next week we’ll provide a software upgrade for iPhone consumers in China addressing the small functionality of both patents at issue in the case.”

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The case, brought on by Qualcomm, is a part of a worldwide patent dispute involving the two U.S. businesses which comprises dozens of suits. It creates doubt over Apple’s company in one of its main markets in a time when worries over waning demand for new iPhones are battering its stocks.

Qualcomm has stated that the Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court in China found Apple infringed two patents held by the chipmaker and arranged an immediate ban on earnings of elderly iPhone versions, by the 6S throughout the X.

Apple has stated that all its mobile models remained available in southern China and that it had filed a petition for reconsideration together with the courtroom. Each of the models seemed to be available to purchase Apple’s China site on Friday.

Qualcomm, the largest provider of chips for cellular telephones, filed its case in China in late 2017, asserting that Apple infringed patents features associated with resizing photos and handling programs on a touch screen.

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