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Devendra Chande

Hey there, Apple fans the wait is finally over!Apple has finally announced its next big iPhone event. As the history continues, Apple has official released a date for the event and it will take place on September 12. While Apple has not revealed much about what exactly will be revealed, rumors and leaks have given us a pretty clear picture of what’s likely coming our way. IPhone 15 event is definitely going to be a big one.

The most awaited apple event is all set and scheduled for the September 12th 2023, during which the company will unfold the iPhone 15 series. If you are wondering whether Apple is going to release any other product except iPhone 15 then you are absolutely right. there is much more. 

Apple is doing this event with the sole purpose of launching products like iPhone 15, apple watch, iOS 17 update, etc and what can users expect from this new models. so without wasting any time let us have a look at what Apple iPhone 15 event has in store for us.

First and foremost, we expect to see four new iPhone models – the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max (or possibly iPhone 15 Ultra). These smartphones are expected to have a massive upgrade such as action button, periscope cameras, USB-C charging and more, totally depending on the model.

The entire iPhone 15 lineup is also predicted to include an always-on display that shows minimal lock screen information when the screen is idle. This time all the iPhone 15 models are going to get the always-on display. Pro models likely to get new A17 Bionic chip, 48MP main camera, pill-shaped + hole punch front cameras, always-on display, titanium frame, Wi-Fi 6E support, and other exclusive upgrades.

Other than iPhone 15 we will also see iOS 17 the latest software update for iPhone that was announced during the WWDC event, iOS 17 is currently in the testing phase however it is expected to be ready for launch in this coming event.

Apple watch 9 is also set for getting a new operating system along with watchOS 10. The watch s expected to get an upgraded S9 processor. Other than that there are new major changes reported. But there are a few changes with Apple watch ultra 2. This smartwatch is expected to get a micro LED display along with some new colour options launching during this event. It will most probably be powered by the S9 chips.

There are certain rumours going around about apple introducing a new USB-C type charging port in the case for AirPods pro 2. Not just that AirPods are also going to get some new features along with iOS 17. We don’t know yet about hose features but Apple has planned and is hiding up its sleeves.

Apple is also planning to introduce new range of iPhone 15 cases and colours that will match the model colour. However this time we will not get any leather cover. We can expect new watch bands though. I think its finally time to change those watch bands, what do you say?

Well, these are just the glimps of what Apple with unfold in the event and what surprises are yet to be revealed. We just have to wait and watch.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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