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Apple Introduces “Safety Check” On iOS 16 to Help Users in Abusive Relationship

Safety Check iOS 16

Apple’s iOS 16 has a new feature named “Safety Check.” This is intended to assist women who are in an abusive relationship and wish to remove any shared access with their spouse. It disables location sharing, resets privacy settings, and secures their messages. There’s little question that blocking the location sharing option will be especially critical for women attempting to get out of abusive situations. This might a useful feature for a person who is a victim of any abusive or domestic violence.

Safety Check may assist users in managing app access and passwords, as well as informing them of who has access to their passwords and information. It will make it easier for those in abusive situations to terminate links with an abusive spouse across devices. They can accomplish this by assessing and removing access for certain individuals. Find My, location, data, contacts, and other applications are included. You may also utilize the Emergency Reset function, which resets access for all users and applications on all devices synced with your iCloud account at the same time. You may also use this feature to check your security settings. This might be indeed a good though and step towards people who suffer through all this.

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