Apple customer service Jobs: How to get jobs at Apple?

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What is Apple? 

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology firm based in Cupertino, California, specializing in consumer devices, software, and online services. It produces popular digital gadgets, including Macs, iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Through Apple, you can explore and experience a collaborative culture of inclusiveness, growth, and uniqueness, backed by resources that matter to you. This is the place where individual imaginations come together in this space, subscribing to the values that lead to great work. You’ll do more than joining something here; you’ll contribute something.

What To Know before you Applying for the job?

 It’s essential to complete your research before applying for a job with Apple. There are various career prospects at such a massive corporation, ranging from working as a software developer in Santa Clara, California, to working as an Apple At Home advisor from your bedroom in India. Globally, Apple employs more than 147,000 full-time workers at more than 500 retail stores and 27 office locations across 25 different countries.

As the voice of Apple, you will be assisting consumers with the live phone, chat, and email support. As a member of this team, you have to share your enthusiasm for Apple goods and services while building relationships with customers, partners, and program participants. You may also make it all happen by working in training, communications, or leadership. You’ll save someone’s day whether you’re teaching a consumer how to accomplish something wonderful or troubleshooting a technical issue. Technical Support, Customer Administration Management, Program Support, Instructional Design, Training, and Software Support Engineering and Management are some of the work areas.

What’s it like working for Apple. As Apple executives, you need to combine your expertise with two other crucial characteristics: a keen interest in the details and a willingness to discuss collectively during decision-making. Working with specialists who provide meaningful counsel and mentoring may be liberating — even exhilarating — for people at all levels here. This leadership style is characterized by a commitment to collaboration, which leads to creativity.

When you join Apple’s support and service teams, you become a part of the human connection that helps consumers maintain their relationships with their Apple products. Every client interaction or piece of advice you provide — whether in person, online, via phone, chat, or email — is an opportunity to improve the customer’s overall experience.

Apple does a great job keeping us all connected. Before you start working for apple, you will receive extensive training and coaching sessions to get ready for your job. If you ever encounter a customer’s question that you cannot solve, you can always call on a co-worker for help. You will get the benefits of an office community and a relaxing environment for you to work in.

Apple customer service job

Almost all Apple hardware comes with a limited warranty that comes with telephone Technical Support provided by the Apple Care Department. As you can imagine, this department was designed to help resolve any tech issues, questions that the customer may be having with their Apple product such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Most of these call center jobs are home-based, referred to as Apple At-Home Advisors, and this position is usually the first point of contact where you would basically be responsible for troubleshooting and/or assessing the issue for a customer in regards to any of the Apple devices mentioned prior. In most cases, you will deal with customers over the phone, but chat email-only jobs are available.

According to Apple, you will be expected to work during Apple support hours with shifts vary based on business needs.


 To qualify for the position, you must have some qualifications, as with many others. You should have at least two years of customer service experience, whether in person or over the phone, in addition to a passion for technology and computer experience. Apple does not mention that it must be in the computer industry thus working as a grocery store customer service representative should be considered an appropriate experience.

What does Home Advisor do? 

The Apple At Home Advisor is strictly a customer service-oriented job. You will be responsible for troubleshooting, providing customer service, and Technical Support for all active Apple products, including software and hardware. Apple will run through a very rigorous multi-week training program. Depending on the position accepted, you will work with customers over the phone via chat or even email. This will be stated in the job description when you apply. The basic Apple At Home Advisor salary can be $20 per hour.

How to apply at Apple?

 Go to Search the jobs you need and click on the appropriate option you want to apply for. Choose your location and the mode of your work. You will see the list of all the jobs available for you to apply. Click on the job you want to apply for. Make sure to read all the given details. Upload your resume on that site and submit your details. The application process for becoming an At Home Advisor is about 1-2 months long. In your application, you will be expected to answer some of the basic questions as to what you want to work with apple or what qualifies you to work for your position in Apple company. You might also have to answer some technical questions. After your application is selected, you will be asked to interview through video call. The main purpose of the interview is to see your abilities and your technical skills. After the interview has been cleared, a representative from Apple will provide you with the details of your role. Your training session will begin, up to 5-6 weeks.

The Pros 

• Amazing benefits.

• Work from home available.

• Advancement opportunities.

• Great coaching staff to help you and guide you.

• Flexibility.

 The Cons 

• Overtime when the product launches.

• Dealing with difficult customers.

• The job can feel mundane.

• Have to bid on your schedule.

• Some reports of being micromanaged.

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