Another potential Triple-Lens Camera Design in 2019 iPhone displayed in renderings

Another potential Triple-Lens Camera Design in 2019 iPhone displayed in renderings

Numerous rumors have indicated at least among those 2019 iPhone versions will include a triple-lens camera layout, however, smartphone leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka OnLeaks) considers Apple remains assigning what the triple-lens layout will look like.

Before this month, Hemmerstoffer shared one potential prototype layout with a square-shaped camera design, and now, he has teamed up with Indian website CompareRaja to reveal another layout that Apple is supposedly working on.

The newest leaves feature an iPhone using a slimmed down top to your front-facing camera along with the TrueDepth system, together with a triple-lens back camera positioned at the middle of the unit.

The camera includes three lenses at a horizontal arrangement, using a flash situated across the center of the 3 lenses. A mic is situated under, whereas the volume buttons are on the left side of this apparatus along with the power button is on the right, in accord with current apparatus.

Based on Hemmerstoffer and CompareRaja, this pair of renderings, together with the prior set that featured a bigger square-shaped camera design are equally”100% legit prototypes.”

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The 3 iPhones intended for 2019 are”still in the EVT point,” aka the Engineering Validation Test, together with Apple supposedly having to choose a design. The website suggests either both leaked prototypes will be utilized and promoted as distinct versions, or among those leaked prototypes will probably be axed.

Present-day rumors sourced from The Wall Street Journal imply just one iPhone may include a triple-lens camera installment – that the next-generation iPhone XS Max. The next-generation iPhone XS along with the next-generation iPhone XR will still continue to utilize dual-lens cameras, together with Apple booking the triple-lens setup because of the highest-end device.

It is not clear if those renderings are accurate depictions of this iPhone layout Apple may utilize in 2019, nor do we know if Apple is still trying to choose a last appearance, but Hemmerstoffer includes a history of sourcing true advice from Apple’s distribution chain.

Now in time, no additional source has commented about the triple-lens camera design Apple might use, so we will want to await additional escapes to find a clearer image of how Apple intends to execute a three-lens layout.

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