An Overview of the Best Mac Terminals for 2023

Vineet Maheshwari

A terminal is an application on Unix-based operating systems that gives a command-line interface (or CLI) so that you can interact with the running system’s shell and get entry to/control its one-of-a-kind offerings.

Mac customers who experience the ability and strength of the command line interface apprehend the importance of getting a reliable and feature-rich terminal application. This article explores the four best Mac terminals that elevate your command line enjoyment. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced person, these terminals provide several features and customization alternatives to enhance your productivity and workflow. Stay tuned!

Commander One

When it comes to the best Mac terminals, Commander One stands out as a recreation-changer inside the world of command line interfaces. The Commander One is renowned for its powerful capabilities and intuitive interface, making it a desirable Mac terminal.

There is no doubt that Commander One is the best report manager for Mac. There is a built-in Terminal emulator in the app. Cloud storage and remote servers facilitate the creation of paintings with information on your computer and online.

You can open Commander One’s Terminal with the help of a hotkey, thanks to its bendy configuration. It includes all the essential features; a great plus is that you won’t have to switch between programs while operating with it since all terminal commands can be performed immediately from the utility window.

Commander One has undoubtedly revolutionized the Mac terminal with its dual-pane interface, superior report operations, FTP/SFTP support, customization alternatives, enhanced security, and accessibility functions. Whether you are a seasoned developer, gadget administrator, or casual user, Commander One empowers you to navigate the command line easily and efficiently. Its intuitive layout and rich feature set make it a high-quality preference for Mac customers looking for a pinnacle-notch terminal experience. Embrace Commander One, liberate its full potential, and raise your command line productivity to new heights.


Previously MacTelnet, MacTerm is a top-quality terminal application designed for Mac users. There are numerous features that allow you to access programs locally as well as remotely. Among its impressive features are powerful terminals with or without tabs, a flexible configuration system, dynamic search capability, macro support, and a floating command line window.

The advantages are:

User-customizable: MacTerm provides extensive customization options, allowing users to customize their terminal experience to suit their needs.

Integration with Growl: In the terminal environment, notifications and alerts are seamlessly received through Growl.

Session manager: MacTerm allows you to organize and manage multiple sessions via its feature.

The disadvantage is:

There is still work being done on the version of MacTerm compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina and later.


If you’re searching for a robust and customizable terminal for your Mac, the appearance is not similar to iTerm. This open-source terminal emulator goes above and past, offering an in-depth feature set that caters to beginner and superior customers. ITerm supports split panes, multiple home windows, or mouse reporting, allowing seamless navigation and multitasking.

For Mac users, iTerm provides various useful features that make it a great terminal application. This app is versatile with tabs, split panes, scrollback functionality, autocomplete, and configurable scrollback options. It is notable that iTerm2 can contain unlimited independent terminals within a single tab. By default, the app opens windows in full-screen mode, but it also allows users to use custom full-screen windows.


Hyper is a great preference for Mac users who price aesthetics and a modern personal interface. Built on internet technology with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Hyper combines sleek visuals with a tremendously extensible framework. This Terminal gives a visually pleasing experience while offering all the essential functions you would assume.

Hyper boasts an in-depth plugin machine, permitting customers to decorate their Terminal with a wide range of network-advanced plugins. Want to add a status bar, combine it with your favorite version control system, or personalize the appearance? Hyper has you blanketed. Additionally, Hyper supports more than one tab, replica-paste capability, and even emoji rendering, adding a touch of a laugh for your command line periods.


In this article, we’ve explored a number of the exceptional Mac terminals available in 2023, each imparting precise capabilities and abilities that enhance the command line revel for Mac customers.

Ultimately, embracing those high-quality Mac terminals may harness the electricity of the command line and unencumber new opportunities for productivity, development, and gadget management. Embrace the terminal that fits your wishes, discover its functions, and dive into the world of command line excellence for your Mac.

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