AIRPODS 3 Releasing With These Features and Price


Apple has always been ruling the charts when it comes to gadgets that are always up-tech with the times. And keeping in line with its promise to provide its users the best of all, the third generation of Airpods is rumoured to be announced at the upcoming Apple event. A major change in design is being expected for the first time since its very inception in 2016.

As every other upcoming launch, Airpods 3 has also got the consumers super excited. So, here is all that is being highly anticipated about the third gen Airpods.


 Whenever a new Apple product is to be launched the price is one of the things that has the users guessing as Apple generally stoops away from announcing the prices much before the official announcement and launch. However, the price of Airpods 3 is rumoured to be higher than the second gen of Airpods which is to be honest not surprising as all the updated versions of Apple gadgets tend to have a higher price bracket than their older models.


Expect the third gen of Airpods with a lot more updated and revolutionary features starting right from pairing made super easy and quicker, swapping devices more seamlessly and increased connectivity range. We are also expecting improved sound quality as compared to second gen Airpods but not a really much bigger change as far as noise cancellation is concerned.


The biggest change is expected to be seen in the design of the upcoming Airpods 3 and is said to be the first ever since the Airpods were launched in 2016. The shape is expected to go through a change and the design of the bud is also rumoured to undergo certain improvisations. All in all, the Airpods 3 is being expected to be an amazing amalgamation between Airpods 1, Airpods 2 and the Airpod Pro which is giving a very sleek design vibes. The buds might be expected to get more comfier as the change in shape can be expected to be done keeping that in mind.


With upgradation in its design and said features, it would be really disappointing if the battery backup did not go through an upgraded change in the third gen of Airpods. Rumours of it coming along with at least a 20% larger battery has been doing the rounds already. It would also have wireless charging and battery life is also being expected to be similar to the models previously released.


However, the date of official release is yet to be confirmed, it is expected to be announced at the upcoming Apple event this October.

The Airpods 3 has been already stirring the air before it has even been officially announced by Apple because of the amazing features it seems to promise.

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