What is the Best Ad Blocker for iPhone

Devendra Chande

With the rise of mobile devices, online advertising has become more intrusive than ever. Ads on iPhone not only interrupt your browsing experience but also slow down web pages, consume your data plan, and pose privacy risks by tracking your online activity.

To tackle these issues, you can use an ad blocker on your iPhone. Ad blockers are apps that remove ads from web pages and apps on your iPhone. They improve your browsing experience, protect your privacy, reduce data usage, and even save battery life.

But with so many ad blockers in the App Store, which one should you choose for your iPhone? Here is an in-depth comparison of the top ad blockers for iOS devices to help you decide:

1. 1Blocker

1Blocker is arguably the most popular and highly-rated ad blocker for iPhone. It is designed specifically for Safari and works seamlessly across Apple devices.

1Blocker removes all types of ads, including banners, pop-ups and autoplay videos. It also blocks annoying page elements like fake close buttons and comment sections. The result is up to 3x faster page load speeds.

Beyond ad blocking, 1Blocker provides anti-tracking protection to limit data collection by advertisers. This boosts both privacy and security.

With a premium subscription, you can enable advanced features like creating custom filters, managing cookies, and switching to dark mode. 1Blocker also has a firewall to block trackers across all apps, not just Safari.

Key Features:

  • Removes all ads and clutter from web pages
  • 3x faster page load speeds
  • Anti-tracking for privacy
  • Premium features like custom filters
  • Works across Apple devices

Pricing: Free trial. $2.99 monthly subscription.

2. AdGuard

AdGuard is an open-source ad blocker packed with advanced features. It blocks all ads in Safari and has a wide range of filters to choose from.

The app protects your privacy by removing trackers that follow your online activity. It also blocks intrusive cookies and offers encrypted DNS options for anonymity.

AdGuard speeds up web browsing significantly by stripping out heavy ad content. This conserves data usage and improves battery life.

For advanced protection, AdGuard Premium lets you create custom filters, use security filters against malware, and configure encrypted DNS servers.

Key Features

  • Blocks all ads in Safari
  • Advanced anti-tracking and privacy tools
  • Faster speeds and reduced data usage
  • Premium options for custom filters

Pricing: Free version. $0.99 monthly premium subscription.

3. Purify

Purify takes an uncomplicated approach to ad blocking on iPhone. It removes all types of ads from Safari using filters based on EasyList.

The app also blocks dangerous trackers and malware to protect your privacy and security. By stripping out ads and trackers, Purify speeds up web browsing and reduces data consumption.

The interface is clean and minimalistic. Despite the simple design, Purify effectively blocks ads and enhances the browsing experience. It’s easy to use for iPhone novices.

Note: The app is working fine but it hasn’t been updated since 2018 so you need check whether it is suitable for you.

Key Features:

  • Removes ads from Safari
  • Blocks trackers and malware
  • Speeds up browsing
  • Clean and minimalistic

Pricing: $1.99 monthly subscription

4. AdBlock for Mobile

AdBlock is a popular legacy ad blocker for iOS devices. It uses DNS filtering to remove ads in Safari and other apps on your iPhone.

The app automatically blocks annoying ad types like pop-ups, banners, redirects and video ads. It also stops trackers from recording your browsing history.

AdBlock makes it easy to create custom blocking rules and whitelists. You can also import and export rules to sync settings across devices.

While the app lacks some advanced features, it provides reliable ad blocking thanks to continuous filter updates. And it still remains a favorite for many iPhone users.

Note: This app is available for free and works properly but it is also not updated since 2017.

Key Features:

  • Removes ads in Safari and apps
  • Stops trackers
  • Easy custom rules
  • Automatic filter updates

Pricing: Free

Which Ad Blocker is the Best for Your iPhone?

While all four ad blockers are highly capable, 1Blocker is my top recommendation for most iPhone users. It is designed exclusively for Safari on iOS, blocks all ad types, speeds up web browsing, and provides anti-tracking.

AdGuard is great if you need lots of customization options. Purify is a simple but effective ad blocker. And AdBlock is a solid legacy option.

So, try out these ad blockers to take back control of your iPhone browsing experience! Blocking ads not only improves usability but also protects your privacy and data usage.

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