Can I Activate iOS 17 StandBy Mode Without Charging?


IOS 17 came with many new features and improvements. Among those features, my favourite is the stand by mode. Why you may ask, well it helps preserve your iPhone’s battery life when you are charging it for an extended period. When it comes to iPhone, battery is the most concerning thing and thus standby is a boon feature. Standby is a bit new so it might take time to get used to it. Users who have already gotten the beta versions also have many questions about using it. specially the one where they want to know if you can activate iOS 17 standby mode without charging.

What is standby mode in iOS 17?

First things first, let us take a closer look at what is the new standby mode in iOS 17. StandBy is a new setting in iOS 17 that helps save your iPhone’s battery life.It works by reducing activities that use a lot of power when your phone is charging for a long time.StandBy is an iOS feature that saves battery by reducing power-hungry activities, but only when your phone is plugged in charging.  There are many things that standby mode can do such as:

  • Makes the screen dimmer to use less power.
  • Pauses apps refreshing in the background which drains battery.
  • Slows down 5G data to use less battery.
  • Stops automatic iCloud backups.
  • Basically, it reduces anything that would normally use up battery life.

How can you activate StandBy Mode in iOS 17?

Make sure to use the included Lightning cable and 5W adapter for best StandBy performance when wired charging.

  1. Your iPhone should be connected to a charger via a lighting cable.
  2. Your iPhone should beplaced on a Qi wireless charging pad.
  3. There’s no manual on/off switch.
  4. StandBy will automatically turn on once your iPhone detects it’s charging and enters low-power mode to conserve battery.

At 80% charge, StandBy mode will automatically disable itself and return your iPhone to normal power settings.StandBy works best if you charging overnight or for an extended period of time. Short charging sessions may not activate it.

Can I activate iOS 17 StandBy mode without charging?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Your iPhone has to be charging for StandBy mode to turn on. You may ask why. Apparently there are many reasons why you cannot activate standby mode without charging.

  • Limiting background activity and dimming the screen when not charging would drain the battery faster. If StandBy reduced power usage while on battery alone, it would actually strain the battery more than normal usage.
  • StandBy is intended to optimize and preserve battery health during lengthy charging sessions. If your phone isn’t plugged in, there’s no benefit to conserving battery in this way.
  • Charging can be reliably detected by iOS, enabling automatic StandBy activation. No charging = no StandBy ensures it only runs in appropriate scenarios.

The main reasons is to preserve battery life, that’s all!

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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