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Can I download Ace Racer on iOS?

Ace Racer on iOS

Online games are fun and it also depends on how are you playing them. Either you are just having fun or getting inspired by it. Getting into the gaming zone might sound fun but it requires a lot of skills and especially the art of gaming. Since childhood, we have been playing games on our computer and as we get older either the gaming obsession begins or we just leave our childhood behind. The online gaming industry has flourished in the past 1 years by almost 65%, taking the counts of more than 43 million people who have spent time behind virtual gaming. Choosing which video games to play is also a tough job, there are thousands of games to choose from. Ace Racer is one of them.

Ace Racer is an online racing game just like many others. It was developed and published by NetEase Games. Ace Racer was inspired by genres such as arcade. It is completely free to play on your Mac or PC. Recently it is also been made available for IOS and Android as well. The game went into public beta in China on 23 July 2021. The global version of Ace Racer is currently in beta, starting in the Philippines as a closed beta for Android via Google Play Store.

Ace Racer might be very popular but it is only accessible in a few countries. Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are the countries where Ace Racer is available. In other countries, you might have to find a backdoor to get this game. Ace Racer is considered an arcade racing game that is said to be similar to the Asphalt series. These both have very common similarities based on their racing background. There have been different opinions about Asphalt and Ace Racer, some believe that Ace Racer is the superior one, while others beg to differ. Ace Racer does give a much better experience of playing the game as compared to Asphalt.

Ace Racer gives the premium experience of playing games in the racing genre. Since it has been available on smartphones well, it is considered one of the most interesting games of all time and mostly because it is free for all to play. IOS and Android both have come in line, and users can freely install Ace Racer on their iOS device without having to buy this game. The setting of Ace Racer is somewhat related to the modern days and it is quite suitable for others.

Ace Racer features everything you need to get your excitement pounding from beginning to end. As you accomplish tasks, you will be able to unlock additional automobiles and put your driving talents to the test on difficult tracks across unknown settings. Climbing to the top of the international rankings will not be easy, so keep your eyes on the target.You can get Ace Racer on your Android device from the Play store, but for iOS, you need to go another way around as the Ace Racer game is not available on the App store, but you can still install it on your iOS device through some tweaks and emulators.

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