Can I download Ace Racer on iOS?

By Betty

Online games offer a great source of entertainment and can provide inspiration depending on how you engage with them. Whether you play games just for fun or draw inspiration from them, entering the gaming zone can be an enjoyable experience that requires skill and mastery of the art of gaming. Many of us have grown up playing games on our computers, and as we grow older, we may either develop a passion for gaming or leave our childhood hobbies behind.

Over the past year, the online gaming industry has seen remarkable growth, with a staggering increase of approximately 65%. More than 43 million individuals worldwide have dedicated their time to virtual gaming. With thousands of games to choose from, selecting which ones to play can be a challenging task. One notable option among them is Ace Racer.

Ace Racer is an online racing game, similar to many others in its genre. It was developed and published by NetEase Games. Drawing inspiration from arcade gaming, Ace Racer is completely free to play on both Mac and PC platforms. Additionally, it has recently become available for iOS and Android devices. The game entered public beta in China on July 23, 2021, and the global version of Ace Racer is currently in beta, commencing with a closed beta in the Philippines for Android users via the Google Play Store.

Ace Racer has gained significant popularity but is currently limited to a select few countries. It is accessible in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. In other countries, you may need to find alternative methods to obtain the game. Ace Racer falls under the category of arcade racing games and is often compared to the Asphalt series due to their shared racing background. Opinions regarding Asphalt and Ace Racer vary, with some considering Ace Racer superior while others hold a different view. Ace Racer offers an enhanced gaming experience compared to Asphalt.

Ace Racer provides a premium racing game experience, especially since it is available on smartphones and is free to play. Both iOS and Android users can freely install Ace Racer on their devices. The game’s setting is modern and appealing to players.

Ace Racer offers all the elements necessary to keep players thrilled from start to finish. By completing tasks, you can unlock additional cars and put your driving skills to the test on challenging tracks set in various locations. Climbing the ranks in international leaderboards won’t be easy, so keep your focus on the target. While Ace Racer is available for Android users through the Play Store, iOS users need to explore alternative methods, such as utilizing tweaks and emulators, to install the game on their devices.

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