Is Your iPhone Battery Draining Faster on iOS 18? Here’s the Fix

Vineet Maheshwari
Battery Draining Faster on iOS 18


The release of a new iOS beta version is an exciting time for Apple enthusiasts and developers alike. However, with the introduction of new features and software changes, one common issue that often iPhone Battery Draining Faster on iOS 18. The iOS 18 beta is no exception, and many users have reported experiencing faster battery depletion on their iPhones. Fear not, as this comprehensive guide will arm you with valuable insights and practical solutions to extend your iPhone’s battery life while running the iOS 18 beta.

How iOS 18 Beta Battery Drain?

Before diving into the solutions, it’s essential to understand the root causes of battery drain during the beta testing phase. The iOS 18 beta is an unfinished and unoptimized version of Apple’s upcoming software update. As such, it may contain bugs, glitches, and inefficiencies that can contribute to excessive battery consumption. Additionally, the process of indexing content, testing new features, and running background activities can strain your iPhone’s battery resources.

How You Can Identify Power-Hungry Apps?

One of the primary culprits of battery drain on the iOS 18 beta is unoptimized apps. These applications have not yet been updated by their developers to be compatible with the new operating system, leading to inefficient performance and increased power consumption. To identify which apps are draining your battery the most, follow these steps:

Step#1. Go to Settings > Battery.

Step#2. Scroll down to the “Battery Usage” section.

Step#3. Here, you’ll find a list of apps and their corresponding battery usage percentages.

Pay close attention to the apps that are consuming the most battery power and consider updating them to their latest versions or temporarily uninstalling them if updates are not yet available.

How To Enable Battery-Saving Features

iOS 18 beta introduces several battery-saving features designed to help extend your device’s battery life. One of the most effective options is Low Power Mode, which temporarily reduces power consumption by disabling non-essential features and background processes. To enable Low Power Mode, follow these steps:

Step#1. Go to Settings > Battery.

Step#2. Toggle on the “Low Power Mode” switch.

Additionally, you can adjust the “Always-On Display” settings on newer iPhone models to disable this feature, which can contribute to faster battery drain.

How To Optimize System Settings in iOS 18

Beyond app management and battery-saving features, there are several system settings you can tweak to further enhance your iPhone’s battery life on the iOS 18 beta:

  1. Wallpaper: High-resolution or animated wallpapers can consume more battery power. Consider switching to a simple, static wallpaper to reduce battery drain.
  2. Network Settings: Resetting your iPhone’s network settings can resolve battery drain issues related to Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity problems. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  3. Charging Limit: iOS 18 introduces a new feature that allows you to set a charging limit between 80% and 100% in 5% increments. Choosing a lower limit, such as 85% or 90%, can help preserve your battery’s health in the long run.

Wait for Software Updates

While the tips and tricks mentioned above can help alleviate battery drain issues, it’s important to remember that the iOS 18 beta is an unfinished product. Apple will continuously release software updates throughout the beta testing phase to address bugs, optimize performance, and improve battery efficiency. If you continue to experience severe battery drain after trying all the recommended solutions, your best course of action may be to wait for the next software update or consider downgrading to the stable iOS 17 release.


Experiencing battery drain on the iOS 18 beta is a common issue, but it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can take proactive steps to maximize your iPhone’s battery life and enjoy the new features and improvements offered by the beta software. Remember, beta testing is a crucial part of the software development process, and your patience and feedback will contribute to a smoother and more optimized final release of iOS 18.

Battery Optimization Checklist

To summarize the key points and provide a handy reference, here’s a battery optimization checklist for the iOS 18 beta:

Identify Power-Hungry AppsCheck Battery Usage and update/uninstall unoptimized apps
Enable Low Power ModeReduce power consumption by disabling non-essential features
Adjust Always-On DisplayDisable the Always-On Display feature on newer iPhones
Use a Simple WallpaperSwitch to a static, low-resolution wallpaper
Reset Network SettingsResolve connectivity-related battery drain issues
Set a Charging LimitChoose a lower charging limit to preserve battery health
Wait for Software UpdatesBe patient and install updates as they become available
Battery Draining Faster on iOS 18

By implementing these strategies and referring to the checklist, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your iPhone’s battery life while enjoying the latest features and improvements offered by the iOS 18 beta.

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