How to Get Coin Master Free Spins and Coins on iPhone

Unlock Coin Master's Free Spins & Coins on iPhone! Discover Legitimate Strategies: Daily Logins, Events, Card Sets & More.

Devendra Chande

Coin Master is an incredibly popular mobile game with over 100 million downloads. In the game, players spin slots to attack other villages and build their own Viking village.

As fun as it is, advancing requires a lot of coins and spins which can be difficult to obtain. Here are useful tips and strategies on how to get free spins and coins on iPhone.

Earn Daily Login Spins

One of the easiest ways to get free spins is to simply login daily. Coin Master provides all players with 25 free spins just for logging in.

So make sure to start the app and visit your village at least once a day to claim the reward. This alone can give you hundreds of free spins per month.

Watch Ad Videos

Coin Master allows you to watch short 30-second ad videos to earn spins. You can find the video icon on the main slot machine screen.

Watching 2-3 videos per day can give you an extra 30-50 free spins. Just note that the number of videos available is limited per day.

Invite Friends

Invite friends to play Coin Master using your invite code under the friends tab. For every friend that joins using your code and plays the game, you will receive 40 free spins.

With the social nature of Coin Master, inviting a few friends can easily give you hundreds of free spins.

Complete Card Sets

Collecting full card sets grants rewards such as spins, pets, attacks, raids, and more. While rare gold cards can be difficult to obtain, common card sets are achievable.

Aim to trade duplicate cards with friends and complete sets that award spins. This steady process over time can result in thousands of spins.

Participate in Events

Coin Master frequently hosts events and tournaments with plenty of spins and coins up for grabs. Events range from raiding tournaments to Viking quests.

Actively participate in as many different events as possible to maximize your free rewards. Just playing 4-5 events per month can give you hundreds of spins and coins.

Connect Social Account

Connect your Twitter, Facebook, or other social media account in the settings tab. Moon Active posts daily links for free spins and coins on their social channels.

Having your account connected allows instant access to the rewards. Make sure to click on the links daily for consistent freebies.

Check Reward Calendars

Coin Master offers spin and coin calendars that gift daily login rewards. Check both calendars daily and claim the highlighted reward by watching a short video ad.

Calendars gift over 1,000 spins and 1 million coins per month. Don’t let these easy rewards slip away!

Raid Villages

Raiding and attacking other villages grants not only coins but occasional spins. Build up a stash of dynamite sticks to raid often.

Focus on revenging villages on your map for bonus loot. With enough dedication, you can gain hundreds of spins per month through raiding alone.

Level Up Your Village

Leveling up grants village perks along with lump sums of spins. For example, leveling up to Village level 6 gifts 300 spins.

Make an effort to level up by upgrading buildings and raiding when possible. High-level villages can have thousands of more spins than low-levels.

Take Advantage of Sales

Limited-time sales that offer spins, pets, chests, coins, and more for 50-90% off pop up daily.

If you have spare real-world money, take advantage of these discounted deals when available. $20 strategically spent during 3-4 sales can gift over 2,000 spins.

Coin Master Mod IPA

The last resort that many players use is installing a mod of Coin Master on their iPhones using the sideloading process.

Though I don’t recommend this you can try this if you like to live on the edge and try new things without caring about their legality.

Find a reliable website where you can find Coin Master Mod IPA and sideload it on your iPhone with Sideloadly or AltStore installed on your computer.

Avoid Cheats and Hacks

While it’s tempting to use hacks, cheats, or generators for unlimited free spins and coins, these methods involve security risks and can get your account banned.

Stick to legitimate methods like the steps in this guide for safe free rewards.


With the abundance of free spin and coin links, inviting friends, completing card sets, and participating in events – obtaining Coin Master freebies is very achievable. Thousands of spins and millions of coins can be gained each month without spending real money.

Important: Always be wary of scams and cheats. Stick to legitimate methods recommended in this article for safely earning free spins and coins in Coin Master. Avoid generators or hacks that can compromise your account.

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