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Zoom Video App on iPhone and iPad: Let’s Make The Video Meet Safer

Zoom Video App Safe Video call

Since the COVID-19 stormed the entire world and most of the counties forced lockdown and social distancing, many people are have started working from home and using the Zoom video conference app. Therefore, this video conference app became very popular, and millions of people are using this app for online meetings and video gathering.

As many people started using the Zoom app, many online hackers are trying to enter your virtual conference and zoombombing. Since many people reported the issue of some online Zoombombing, the app makers stared making it safer for its honest users. So here we are going to give some tips and tricks to keep Zoon chat safer on your iPhone and iPad.

Tips To Make Zoom Video Chat Safe

·        Waiting room

The developer of the app advises users to set up the system where guest have a waiting room and do not allow any other participants to join the chat until you open the video conference for them or others. They also wrote that even hosts could personalize the title, logo, message that will show up in the “Waiting room.” Hence, the participants will get the change to identify they’re in the correct room, and the host can also send messages to the participants who can be on any of the platforms be it desktop or mobile.

·        Screensharing

To make the zoom video app safer, hosts can also get better hold on the screen sharing which has helped increase the zoombombings. Further, even hosts, as well as co-hosts, can mute participates at any point to lock the meeting to avoid anyone else join your video chat.

·        Randomise meetings

Zoom users can also set random meeting IDs and meeting passwords as per the statement by Ducklin. Hence, it will minimize the chances of any third person trying to take over your meeting or video chat. During the release, Ducklin said that “You can send the web link by one means, e.g. in an email or invitation request, and the password by another means, e.g. in an instant message just before the meeting starts. (You can also lock meetings once they start to avoid gaining unwanted visitors after you’ve started concentrating on the meeting itself.),”

If you are using this Zoom video chatting app on your iPhone and iPad, it’s better to take care of these things while you are holding a Zoom video conference with your colleagues or loved once to protect yourself from any online hack. If you have any other questions regarding this video chatting app, then feel free to ask us in the comment box.


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