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Zarchiver iOS: How to Download & Install?

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How often do you come across zipped files and folders that you have to download to your iOS device? To be fair, it happens way more than we’d like to admit. While we previously dealt with zipped folders on our PC, things are shifting to our smartphones.

If you use an iOS device and have been looking for ways to open these zipped folders that you have received, you are in the right place.

This article will walk you through one such app that helps you access zipped files and folders in your iOS device called Zarchiver.

What is Zarchiver iOS?

The ZArchiver app is an index management software that features a simple and efficient interface that enables users to create and access password-protected archives.

With the rampant increase in the risks of cybercrimes, it isn’t surprising that people are often skeptical about the files they send and open. ZArchiver solves that problem for Android users.

If you have been meaning to use this APK file for iOS devices, we have some bad news for you since it isn’t available for iOS devices at the moment.

What are the features of ZArchiver iOS?

As we mentioned, ZArchiver isn’t available for iOS devices. However, the good news is that you can use it for Android devices. If you have been confused about the features of the app, we have got you back.

The following are the top features worth noting:

  • Create and access password-protected archives
  • Edit the archives
  • Create and decompress the multi-part archives
  • Open the compressed files
  • Extract the split archives
  • Multithreading support
  • Available in Android 9 and above OS

These are some of the most basic features of ZArchiver that you need to know about. Since the app is being updated consistently, it isn’t surprising that the features are progressing too.

How to download ZArchiver for iOS?

ZArchiver is an Android-exclusive application, which means that you can’t download or use it on your iOS device.

Even for Android users, the apk file for download is available on software distributing websites. This means that there are chances that the app might not be officially available in the Play Store as well.

If you are looking for similar apps for iOS, we’d recommend going to App Store and looking up some official alternatives.


ZArchiver is one of the most popular archive and index management software that you can use for your smartphones. Unfortunately, it is currently only available for Android users, which means that you’d have to settle for alternatives for the time being.

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