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YouTube Vanced iOS: How To Download For iPhone

YouTube Vanced iOS

YouTube is another world for me. From learning dance to cooking recipes, free video streaming is the true teacher. But the most annoying thing about YouTube is ads. I’m not too fond of it when the app shows ads at the beginning of every video. Thanks for the YouTube Vanced iOS app to go without ads. 

As the YouTube Vanced Android app becomes very popular worldwide, iPhone is also looking to download YouTube Vanced iOS 14 or iOS 15 devices. So here we have come to help you get YouTube Vanced iOS to enjoy video streaming without ads and many added features. 

Currently, the YouTube Vanced iOS app is not available for App Store. Hence, here we show you an alternative method to download and install the YouTube Vanced iOS app. 

How To Download and install YouTube Vanced On iOS 14 or iOS 15

  1. Open Safari and visit vanced-iOS.com.
  2. Tap on ‘Download now for iOS (v2.5.1).
  3. Select iOS and tap on ‘Start Installation.’
  4. Please wait for a few seconds while it downloads YouTubeVanced.ipa file. Then, it will take you to the human verification page. 
  5. Now you will have to complete any 2 offers to complete verification.
  6. Once you have completed the task, the YouTube Vanced iOS version will automatically be installed on your iPhone.

The new updated version of this app has the new Dark mode option to comfort your eyes in the night and save battery. Along with blocking every ad, it will also let iPhone users use the YouTube app in picture mode.

Another best thing about the YouTube Vanced iOS app is that the app can also clock those annoying YouTube Stories, Comments, and more things you don’t want to see anymore. To get a better viewing experience, the app has 4k and 2k video speed playback options.

In this full world of advertisements, the YouTube Vanced iOS app is the best thing that happened to me as it only shows me the content I want to see without any ads.

Have you used this app before? Have you started using this app after reading this post? What do you think about it? Do you think it would be the best alternative to YouTube? Do you know of any other apps like YouTube Vanced iOS? Please share your feedback in the comment box. 

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