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YouTube iOS Search Not Working 2022: How To Fix It On iPhone

YouTube iOS Search Not Working

For the last two days, iOS users from around the world are facing many issues with third-party apps. Yesterday, we saw many complaints about MtG Arena Authentication Failed and Amazon CS11 errors on iOS devices. And today, the problem is occurring on YouTube on iPhones. 

Thousands of users worldwide took the social media platform with the ‘YouTube search not working on iOS’ issue. Even Google searches are breaking out for the solution of YouTube iOS search not working problem. 

When we heard about the issue, we also dive into the matter and found that when iOS users try to use the search box to find any video, the app is not entering the words in the search box and showing the black page. The error is only happening on iOS devices. While few geeks claim that YouTube search not working error is occurring iPhones running iOS 15 beta. 

A couple of hours ago, TeamYouTube also tweeted about an issue that “We’ve received multiple reports of the YouTube app on iOS showing a blank page upon search attempt. Our team is aware of this issue and currently working on a fix – we’ll keep you posted once we have more updates!”

Within an hour, they also wrote the note on Twitter handle that “Quick update: this has now been fixed, and you should be able to use search without issue. If you still see any problem on your device, please restart the app, and it should go back to normal!”

How To Fix YouTube iOS Search Not Working Issue

According to YouTube, the problem is not solved yet. But if you are stilling struggling with the same issue, go to the App Store, tap on your profile, and tap Update next to the YouTube app. 

Also, some users suggested that turning on Restricted Mode is also helping them to work YouTube search properly. To do that, open the YouTube app> Tap on Profile > Go to Settings > and turn on Restricted Mode. 

I hope this article helped you know more about the issue and get rid of the YouTube search not working iOS issue. If you need more help regarding the same or any other issue on iPhone, do not hesitate to ask for the solution through the comment box. 

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