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YouTube Crashing On iOS 16 On iPhone? How To Fix

YouTube Crashing On iOS 16

For the last 20 hours, people worldwide have reported the YouTube crashing on iOS 16 issue. Google Trend and Twitter are full of searches and reports regarding the solution of YouTube that keep crashing on iPhone in iOS 16.

As an iPhone user, I also noticed the glitch in YouTube on iOS 16 running iPhone 13. Since the YouTube crashing iOS 16 problem reported by many users and even DownDetector showed more than 8000 users reported the issue. As we saw the sudden glitch in the YouTube iOS app crashing, we came to help the users with the solution.

How To Fix YouTube Crashing On iOS 16 on iPhone

  1. Updating the YouTube app to the latest version or clearing App caches helping users to fix YouTube Crashing On iOS 16 issue on iPhones. So you can go to the App Store, tap on the Profile, and check for the new YouTube update. If you see any new update, you should tap on the Update button to install the new update.
  2. Or you can clear the YouTube app caches on iOS 16 with the help of our previous guide about how to clear YouTube caches on iPhone to get rid of the YouTube crashing issue.

The 13 hours, also YouTube tweeted about the global issue and started working to fix the issue ASAP.

Within 3 hours of the tweet, they dropped another tweet about the YouTube App iOS crash issue being fixed.

According to sources, the annoying YouTube not working on iOS 16 has been fixed. However, if you are still struggling with the same issue, do share it with us in the comment box.

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