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Will Fortnite come back to iOS in 2023?

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2 years of long wait may have finally come to an end for the Fortnite players. On 13th August 2022, Fortnite was deleted from the App store due to some disagreements with Epic Games. Since Fortnite has been away from the App store for quite some time now users have started to wonder when it will be back on iOS. According to the rumors, Fortnite might be coming back to iOS in 2023, but there is no official news regarding any of these rumors.

Currently, Fortnite is in beta version and iOS users can download it on their iOS device but not in the way they expected. Fortnite is not coming back on the App store as of now, but we still don’t know if it might be back in 2023. You can still play Fortnite on your iOS, instead of downloading it from Appstore you need to install Fortnite from another browsing source. You don’t need to worry about losing the progress, as you can continue playing it with your account, you don’t need to sign up and make a new account.

Since Fortnite is still in beta you need to look out for glitches as there can be many and it might not make it a smooth experience for you to play Fortnite. You can install Fortnite via Xbox cloud gaming and log in with your old account and all your progress will be carried forward. Epic games have not yet made any confirmation of the news as to how long Fortnite will be in beta testing and when will the official release of this game be. Fortnite has been in beta testing for quite some time now so we can definitely expect the official public version in the coming 2023 year.

The wait might be too long and if you are not planning on waiting you may install Fortnite on your iOS device. Nvidia’s GeForce and Microsoft have added support for Fortnite for iOS devices vis Safari browser. You don’t even need to jailbreak your device to do so. I the only drawback here is that you need to play it on your Safari browser, it won’t be installed on your device as a gaming application. But that is a risk worth taking for. Let us wait for the coming 2023 year to see if Epic game changes its mind and brings back Fortnite to the Appstore, otherwise you can continue playing it on your iPhone browser.

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