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Why Battery Drain So Fast in iOS 14.5?

battery drain ios 14.5

Whenever Apple release any new iOS update, many people see a lot of bugs on it. But the worst thing we may come across is the battery drain problem on the new iOS. After the new iOS 14.5 update release, many people noticed a sudden drain in battery life on iPhone running iOS 14.5 update. 

Many people have already asked that “will iOS 14.5 fix battery drains?” While many others are asking why is my battery draining so fast with iOS 14.5?. So here we are to discuss the battery draining issue on iOS 14.5 update. 

The latest iOS 14.5 is specially designed to support Dual 5, app tracking transparency, AirTag support, and more. But it turns out to be the worst update for many users. 

When people started complaining about the iOS 14.5 battery low issue, many trustworthy blogs claim that the new update recalibrates the maximum battery capacity and peak performance capacity on various models, especially ‌‌‌the iPhone 11‌‌‌. This process may take around a month to complete once you update your iPhone to iOS 14.5. The battery issue is happening because of recalibration of the battery’s maximum capacity and peak performance capability takes place throughout regular charge cycles.

When the number of battery drain problem increases, Geekbench shared the iOS 14.5 battery drains score. Let’s take a look at the scores.

iPhone SE – 

  • Battery life after iOS 14.5 update – 2h 54m
  • Geekbench score – 1738

iPhone 6s –

  • Battery life after iOS 14.5 update – 2h 53m
  • Geekbench score – 1730 

iPhone 7 – 

  • Battery life after iOS 14.5 update – 3h 38m
  • Geekbench score – 2175 

iPhone 8 – 

  • Battery life after iOS 14.5 update – 3h 29m
  • Geekbench score – 2080 

iPhone XR – 

  • Battery life after iOS 14.5 update – 5h 10m
  • Geekbench score – 3085 

iPhone 11 – 

  • Battery life after iOS 14.5 update – 5h 54m
  • Geekbench score – 3324 

iPhone SE 2020 – 

  • Battery life after iOS 14.5 update – 3h 32m
  • Geekbench score – 2117

According to the reports, the iPhone 11 users with iOS 14.5 update face the battery life issue. As per one user, he uses to get 24-36 hours out of it; now he gets 12-18 hours.

Not only iPhone 11 users, many iPhone XR and XS users drop the comment on Reddit about the battery drain issue after iOS 14.5. 

As complaints are still rising, we can expect words from Apple regarding the same. We can also expect a minor upgrade from Apple to fix the battery life issue with iOS 14.5. 

Are you facing the same issue? Have you tried any workaround, and it worked? If so, then don’t bother to drop the comment below. 

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