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Who Viewed My Instagram Profile in 2023?

Who Viewed My Instagram Profile in 2021

I am one of the 1 billion Instagram users around the world. From waking up to bedtime at night, I spent a few hours a day on Instagram. I do enjoy posting stories and posts a lot. I love to keep my Instagram profile lively and charming, so when sometime stalk my profile, it should look attractive. Also, sometimes I wonder who viewed my Instagram profile. 

Since I also enjoy stalking people’s Instagram profile without following them, I guess many other users like me like to stalk Instagram profile without letting them know. When the question popped into my mind, ‘can I check who viewed my Instagram profile,’ I started searching for the apps and tricks to know my Instagram stalker. 

I tried more than a few free and paid apps, but I ended with one official way, and here I am going to share with other Instagram users on the iPhone. 

For sure, the Instagram stat is good enough to know your post’s engagement. But this feature only works for open accounts. 

Are there any third-party apps to track Instagram profile stalkers?

App Store is full of third-party apps that claim you can easily know who viewed your Instagram profile. But you start using it, and it will force you to get the premium or paid version to use this feature. Even after paying for the premium version, the app will show you some random accounts based on your Instagram activities. These names also change randomly whenever you refresh the app. 

The Instagram algorithm and API don’t let any third-party app know who checked your Instagram account. Every single app claiming this function is fake and manipulative. These apps are only there to collect your email and phone numbers to use them for marketing purposes. 

Which is the official way to know who viewed my Instagram profile?

Unfortunately, there is no specific method to track your Instagram profile visitors. But you can still go with stories as you can check who viewed your story and get the idea of who is stalking you without following you. If you have a private Instagram account, you won’t know that someone checked your profile since the stories won’t be shown to the stalker. Your every story will be last for 24 hours, so make sure you check story viewers during this time. If someone sees your story, that doesn’t mean that they have visited your account. Maybe they have only checked your Instagram Story without sneaking into your account.

Even after reading the article, if you are still becoming Joe Goldberg from You (Netflix) and searching more ways, please keep in mind that nothing is more important than your personal data. So before jumping to any other ways, please keep that in your mind. 

What do you think about the entire gossip? Do you think Instagram should add the new feature to know who viewed the profile? We are excited to know your opinion in the comment box. 

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