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Where can I write my essay on Mac?

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If you’re a first-time Mac user, it can sometimes be difficult to understand its capabilities. In this article, we shall review some of the options you have for writing your essay on Mac. In many ways, you have many opportunities today. After reading this article, you will know the main ways to produce a great essay fast. We’ll at first review the existing programs and then transition towards writing services of various kinds.

Main offline word processors for Mac

Let’s first look at the programs that you can use. So, you would ask, “how can I write an essay on my Mac? What options are available to me?”

  1. Apple’s internal programs: if you need to write an essay that’s very simple, a good idea is to simply go for the Apple iWriter. Its functions are very straightforward and primitive. Still, it should be more than sufficient to produce some material granted that it’s small enough and does not involve anything advanced.
  2. Microsoft Office: if you have enough money, buying the office suite of Microsoft is the best option. It is fully available on Mac today, making the program perfect for your needs. Most of us know Microsoft Word. It remains one of the most sophisticated pieces of software for any advanced writing goals. The only problem with it is the number of funds you’d have to pay. A license for Office is far from being cheap. The problem is especially potent if you take Microsoft 365 into consideration, which involves a subscription.
  3. LibreOffice: this open-source office suite is one of the best things to come out of the Linux community. While it lacks some functions of Office and has a somewhat outdated interface (those who remember Word 2003 will love it though), the program is nonetheless a potent tool. Having some of its own great features and being absolutely free (as in freedom), it helped several people we know write their Master’s theses.
  4. WPS Office: this free (as in beer since it is closed-source) office suite is also available on Mac. You may already know the platform because it’s often used on smartphones. Due to being popular in China, WPS sees very active development. In terms of features, it’s on par with Libre and Microsoft Office. We know many people who wrote their theses on this platform too. The author of this article, for instance, uses it interchangeably with LibreOffice when it’s necessary to open Microsoft Office documents. The program is well-known for its compatibility with the latter product.

Good online word processors for Mac

Don’t want to spend time installing heavy programs on your computer? That’s not a problem. You can also write your essay on a simpler platform. Let’s take a look at two key options:

  1. Google Docs: this platform offers very simple instruments for documents but they’re more than sufficient to produce an APA- or MLA-formatted essay. What’s more, due to being online (you use the platform offline though with an add-on), it saves all versions of your documents. Thus, you won’t lose any important information out of sudden;
  2. Office Online: this platform offers a free version of Microsoft Office on the Internet. It gives only the most basic features (for instance, chart creation is limited). Still, writing something interesting is possible on this platform. At the very least, it’s great for all types of proofreading.

Getting help online

“How can I write essays on my Mac if something is wrong with my device?” In this case, we recommend addressing essay writing services online. Among companies that can ‘write my essays,’ as many of our users ask, is, for example, the website called WriteMyEssays. There, you can find experts that would be able to assist you. What types of services do they offer? Firstly, you can ask for proofreading and editing help in case something is wrong with your Mac. Secondly, they can prepare an essay sample for you that can then act as a guide for writing a personal paper. In short, the options in the case are very strong. Mac users who cannot use the methods above should most definitely address the services of this type. They have great writers, strong support, and a lot of potent guarantees. Don’t miss your opportunity and try the services of this type today.

Essay writing services: Key characteristics            

When choosing an essay writing service, we recommend you look at several characteristics. They include the following aspects:

  1. Free revisions policy: a good service should offer revisions without charges for all cases where instructions were not followed or some minor modifications are necessary. Payment-centric options are of need only for cases when you change the instructions significantly.
  2. Money-back policy: good services generally ensure that the funds they get from you can return at your first request if something goes wrong. This is usually necessary for situations when no writers agreed to write your paper or something went wrong with your material. Good companies always follow this rule and never hold up your funds.
  3. Constant support: you should also look at the work of the specialists in the support department, If you can reach them at any time, the service is very likely to be great. This means that you would be able to inform someone about certain issues immediately and or ask something important. Besides, active support teams are necessary for ensuring good communication between you and the writer.
  4. No tolerance for plagiarism: generally, great services also ensure that no tolerance for plagiarized content is present. They either use great outside services for this goal or have some internal software to tackle the problem.
  5. Secure handling of information: take a look at the payment systems available in such services and the information they want. A good service would use platforms such as ApplePay and ask only for a mobile number (even this detail should be optional). In this way, you can be sure about the high level of privacy.

The aforementioned service titled WriteMyEssay perfectly fits all the outlined goals.


All in all, writing an essay on Mac is simple. You can both try the software and service-centric solutions. A lot of programs are out there to help you write great essays. What is more, many professionals would also be willing to assist you. Thus, if you want to write something using Mac, your experience will not differ much from Windows or Linux. The strongest tools are available today, and you should most definitely use them to produce something with great quality and scientific rigor.

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